The international version of “Neil Reincarnation” will be available on mobile phones on July 28


Square Enix

The hit series “Neil” mobile game “Neil Reincarnation” was launched at the beginning of the year, but unfortunately it has always only been in Japanese. Square Enix through IGN To the public that the international version of “Neil Reincarnation” will be available on July 28 iOS and Android The dual platforms are synchronized on the shelves, and pre-recording is open. At the same time, IGN Yu released the international version of the trailer, allowing everyone to see the plot and battle scenes in the game in advance.

The story of the game takes place in a place called a cage. A girl in white woke up in this place, and under the guidance of the black human-shaped “mother”, she embarked on a journey to discover the secrets of the cage and unfold the story. The game follows the style of Neal. Whether it is the mirror movement in the 3D world or the switching of different viewpoints in the advancement of the plot, there is a deep sense of “Neil: Mechanical Era”.

The game is developed by Applibot. In the past, they have developed “Grimoire A” and are developing “Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis” which is expected to be released next year. Of course, the selling point of the “Neil” series is the story and music. Taro Yokoo and Keiichi Okabe are still in charge. You can hear the new song produced by Keichi Okabe in the trailer.

The game will be put on the shelves for free. If you log in beforehand, you will get extra in-game props and gems when you start the server. Square Enix also told IGN that for every 100,000 players who log in beforehand, the more gems will be given away.

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