The iPhone’s “secret button” became a big hit after it became a hot topic on TikTok.What you need to know

After the virus TikTok, iPhone users noticed that their device had one more button than they thought it would. This will make your life easier.

“I’m using my iPhone incorrectly” TikTok Creator @ellyawesometech Say if you aren’t using the “secret button” on the back of your phone.

Played a million times a day, this video reveals an accessibility feature that one user said “changed (my) life forever.”

The author emphasizes the back tap feature of the iPhone. It’s available on all devices running iOS 14 and above. This particular update was released in September 2020.

This allows users to perform programmed functions on the phone from the settings menu by simply tapping the back of the phone near where the Apple logo is located.

You can also set the back tap feature to open the camera, take screenshots, turn on the flashlight, and turn the volume up and down.

This TikTok Creator uses the back tap feature to easily Shazam the song or audio you’re playing. In other words, you can see the name of the song from your mobile phone. To do this, you need to download the Shazam and Shortcuts apps to your phone.

How to use “secret button”

certainly Updated iPhone At least for iOS 14.

next,[設定]Go to[ユーザー補助]Scroll to[タッチ]Go to and at the bottom[戻るタップ]Click.

You can choose to enable 2 taps, 3 taps, or both.

Then choose from the options and choose what you can do with the secret button.

Some list of things iPhone users can program and do back taps.

Some list of things iPhone users can program and do back taps.

Once you’ve pinned your choices, simply double or triple tap the back of your phone to activate the feature.

Inconspicuous button But it works Comes with a device phone case.

This isn’t a new feature, but many claim it’s the first feature we’ve heard about time-saving techniques.

“I watched a lot of these hack videos and never used them. I went right away and enabled this,” commented one user.

If you receive this Apple alert on your mobile phone, call 911 immediately and ask the police.

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