The Israeli bride said she planned to twist the flashmob for her wedding and realized her long-standing dream of becoming viral.

Two photos of Nicole laughing and dancing with her husband and a photo of Nicole dancing with a flash mob

The video has been viewed more than 10 million times.Nicole Wolicki via Tik Tok

  • The bride, Tik Toks, who said she played the flash mob at the wedding, recorded 10 million views.

  • A Twerking instructor said he wanted to focus his wedding on dance and fun.

  • She said it helped make the day special after 50 guests canceled due to the shoot the night before.

The Israeli bride became viral on TikTok in a video that seems to show her playing in a surprise group dance she said shocked guests and husbands at a wedding reception.

Nicolle Wolicki is a dance instructor based in Kfar Yona, Israel, specializing in twerking, a dance move characterized by sticking out the hips and buttocks. As previously reported by InsiderTwerking began in the New Orleans “bounce” music scene in the early 1990s.

She posted on April 14th and 17th 2 video She and a group of nine other women perform a surprise dance on Beyonce and Sean Paul’s pop remix. She told insiders that the dance was part of a wedding outside Jerusalem.

Wolicki and other dancers can be seen swaying in the shape of a triangle in the video. It has currently been played over 10 million times in total.

The second video, played 9.9 million times, is Wolicki’s most watched video to date. The dancer who first downloaded TikTok in March 2020 posted earlier. dance Challenge A video that records thousands of views each.

Wolicki told Insider that TikTok’s followers increased from 3,000 to 22,000 within two weeks of word-of-mouth coverage of the wedding video.

She said her husband and guests didn’t know she was going to dance and wanted to attend an insider and play as a “gift for everyone.”After choreographing a dance with her friend, she said she got a group of women from Maccabi Tel Avivia Leader TeamShe was cheering for her to perform a two minute routine with her.

Waricki told her husband and family that they love flashmobs, but she told insiders, “I’m a little perfectionist, so it wasn’t the best performance we could pull off.” rice field. I absolutely love the performance and the adrenaline it gives me, so doing it has greatly boosted my mood. “

Waricki told insiders that he wasn’t feeling well before performing. She learned that 50 guests, including her three bridesmaids, were no longer attending the ceremony. photograph Two people were killed and several were injured in Tel Aviv the night before.

Waricki kisses her husband

Wolicki and her husband Chen Vaishenker.Nicole Waricki

“I was crying at the beginning of the wedding because I wondered who would come if there weren’t three bridesmaids,” she said.

She told insiders that about 220 guests were still coming to her wedding and everyone seemed to be enjoying their day. “The energy of the wedding was really good and my husband and I kept dancing to keep people in a good mood,” she said.

Nicole standing in front of her husband

Wolicki got married on April 8, 2022.Nicole Waricki

Warwicki, from a Jewish family, said he didn’t want rabbi religious ceremonies, but instead wanted a wedding, a “massive party with people dancing to hip-hop music.” rice field. She said she didn’t even rent a chair for the reception, hoping that more people would stay on the dance floor.

Overall, Wolicki told Insider that becoming viral at TikTok was like a “dream come true” that made the unfortunate events of the previous night more bearable.

“I’ve put a lot of effort into every dance video and have been trying to make it viral on social media for years. When this video started, it was icing on my wedding day cake. I felt like, “she said.

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