The January 6 panel states that Trump campaign chief Bill Steppin cannot testify “due to a family emergency.”

Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager, Bill Stepien, no longer testifies before the House January 6th Committee announced on Monday.

The Commission announced on Sunday that Stephen will appear as a witness at a hearing scheduled for Monday. However, just one hour before the hearing was scheduled to begin, the panel issued an email update notifying reporters of the plan changes.

“Due to a family emergency, William Steppin cannot testify in front of the special committee this morning,” he read an email from the committee. “His defense counsel appears and makes a statement in the record.”

Stephen’s wife Reportedly I gave birth Early Monday morning, he prevented him from appearing directly at the hearing. Instead, the Commission is reportedly planning to display a video of his testimony recording.

Bill Stepien and Donald Trump.

Bill Steppin sees President Trump riding Air Force One and talking to reporters in 2020. (Sole robe via Getty Images / AFP)

There was some speculation about whether Stephen, a veteran behind the scenes of the Republican campaign, would be a “friendly” witness as he did. Allegedly summoned Appears in front of the committee. House investigators were expected to put pressure on Stephen about what Trump’s inner circle knew about the outcome of the election they lost, even if the candidates actively challenged the outcome. ..

The hearing on Monday will be the second in a new series of panels scheduled to be held by the Special Committee this month. At the first prime-time hearing on June 9, Commission Chairman Bennie Thompson (Republican Party) and Vice-Chairman Liz Cheney (Republican Party) talked about how the Commission heard. I have outlined what to use and reveal. Over the last 11 months, I’ve learned about the January 6th attack.

The Commission’s aides told reporters that Monday’s hearing was a “big lie” or “ignoring the will of voters, proclaiming victory in a defeated election and spreading fraudulent allegations.” He said he would focus. “And continue to do so even after his attempt to sue those allegations in court failed.

Commission staff also said the panel “reveals information on how the former president’s political system used these lies about fraud to drive funding,” January from the election. By the 6th, Trump supporters will bring millions of dollars when they violently attack the Capitol with the aim of blocking the proof of victory for Joe Biden, who was elected in the then presidential election. attack. (The aides talked about the background, that is, their names are not used.)


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