The joke has come true, Microsoft will officially make the Xbox Series X mini refrigerator

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

The appearance of Xbox Series X resembles a refrigerator. For the launch of the new console, Microsoft made some special orders for some giant refrigerators similar to Xbox Series X for YouTubers.After seeing this, many players made a wish and said they hope to have one, and Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox marketing, is on TwitterPostIt means that if Xbox can win the Twitter market brand award, it will realize everyone’s wishes.In the end, Xbox really overwhelmed Skittles and won the best post award, and Greenberg immediatelyPostConfirmation will fulfill the promise!

In Greenberg’s post, it was mentioned that they would promote the development of the Xbox Series X mini refrigerator, and at the same time stated that they would give the first refrigerator to their rival Skittles. However, the relevant price and launch date were not stated. I really want to start a fan of the Xbox refrigerator, remember to follow Greenberg’s movements closely.

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