The judge asks what Djokovic could do more for his visa

Melbourne, Australia (AP) —Australia’s open and top tennis star Novak Djokovic will decide on Monday that a Serbian will meet Australia’s coronavirus invasion requirements. I asked what I could do.

The 34-year-old is fighting deportation and visa cancellation at the Australian Federal Circuit Family Court.

The Australian Government canceled the visa shortly after he arrived in Melbourne late Wednesday. Authorities have decided that all non-citizens do not meet the criteria for exemption from the immigration requirement of being fully vaccinated with COVID-19.

According to court documents, Jokovic said he had not been vaccinated and claimed that he did not need evidence of vaccination because there was evidence of being infected with the coronavirus last month.

Australian medical authorities have decided to provide a temporary exemption from vaccination rules for people infected with COVID-19 within 6 months.

Judge Anthony Kelly of the Circuit Court said Djokovic provided staff at the Melbourne airport with medical exemptions granted by Tennis Australia, which is hosting the tournament starting January 17, and two medical panels. ..

“What I’m a little upset about is what this guy could do anymore,” Kelly asked Djokovic’s lawyer Nick Wood.

Wood agreed with the judge that Djokovic couldn’t do any more.

The record of the interview with Djokovic’s border force personnel and his own affidavit “understood that he absolutely did everything he understood was necessary to enter Australia. To do so, he repeatedly appealed to the officer he was dealing with, “Wood said.

Djokovic has been on the alert in Melbourne’s hotel quarantine since Thursday when his visa was canceled.

However, the judge ordered the world’s number one tennis player to be released from hotel quarantine during a court hearing. It was not clear where Djokovic moved at the hearing. He didn’t show up on the screen for the first few hours of the virtual hearing.

Interior Minister Karen Andrews’ lawyer will submit late Monday on why Djokovic should be deported.

Djokovic’s lawyer has filed 11 reasons for appealing for visa cancellation.

The lawyer described the cancellation as “seriously illogical,” irrational, and legally irrational.

The virtual hearings crashed several times as an overwhelming number of people from around the world tried to see the minutes.

Djokovic has won the Australian Open nine times. He has 20 Grand Slam Single titles and is a male record shared with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.


McGuirk reported from Canberra.