The judge asks why taxpayers cost $ 500 million and why the Capitol riots cost $ 1.5 million.


A federal judge asked the prosecutor on Monday to explain the reason for the damages. Parliament riots When the total cost of taxpayers was $ 500 million, cases for building repairs were limited to $ 1.5 million. Per Politico..

Note: Judge Beryl Howell, DC Chief of the US District Court, will make a comment about two weeks after her. Asked if it was appropriate To offer a misdemeanor judicial transaction to the defendant when the prosecutor sees the rebels “terrorize the House of Representatives.”

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News promotion: Howell said at a plea hearing for Glen Wesleykroy, 46, in Colorado Springs, “I pleaded guilty to a parade, demonstration, or picketing in the Capitol,” after attending a Trump-backed rally. I made such a comment. According to KUSA..

What they are saying: Howell wondered why US law firms think they only need $ 2,000 for a felony case and $ 500 for a misdemeanor case. Washington post Note.

  • “I’m used to the government being fairly aggressive about fraud in the event of damages resulting from criminal proceedings against the amount of compensation,” said Washpost.

  • “While Congress was acting with all this money, directly due to the January 6 incident, I found a loss of less than $ 1.5 million — all of us American taxpayers. Dollar when trying to submit nearly 500 million bills — a little surprising. “

  • Prosecutor Clayton O’Connor told the judge that he would be “willing” to get answers to her costing questions, Politico reports.

context: Last month’s parliament $ 2.1 Billion Parliament Security Bill To help cover the costs incurred during the deadly riots.

Background: The prosecution released an estimate of “about $ 1,495,326.55” in riot damage in June. It’s unclear how this number was reached, but according to WashPost, it seems to be related to damage such as broken windows.

  • A spokesperson for the Architects of the Capitol said the authorities would “give the Department of Justice a damage assessment, the Department of Justice would calculate fines for each case, and give separate assessments to House and Senate budgeters for broader security costs. I gave it. “

  • The US federal prosecutor’s office refused to comment on Howell’s latest remarks beyond what was said in court.

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