The judge has denied Chauvin’s allegations of illegal proceedings, but Rep. Maxine Waters said that “the entire proceeding could be overturned.”

Maxine Waters

Congressman Maxine Waters is taking off his mask to speak at the signing ceremony of the Payroll Program and Healthcare Enhancement Act. Associated Press / Andrew Harnick

  • Derek Chauvin’s defense quoted comments from US Congressman Maxine Waters on allegations of suspicion.

  • During the weekend, Waters called on protesters to stay on the streets if not convicted.

  • Judge Peter Carhill denied the allegation, but Waters told the defense that the appeal may have been successful.

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2 days ago The jury has begun deliberations in the Derek Chauvin murder trialUS Congressman Maxine Waters visited the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, calling on protesters to “stay on the street” and “more confrontation” if not convicted.

On Monday, the defense of a dismissed Minneapolis police officer quoted these words and called for an illegal trial.

Attorney Eric Nelson commented on Waters On the weekendPromoted his previous argument that judges should quarantine juries and order them to avoid all media throughout the trial, coupled with the recent Chauvin content on some fictional television shows. did.

Judge Peter Carhill dismissed the allegations of illegal trial. However, he spoke harshly about the elected officials who spoke about the trial while the trial was still underway, stating that they had a constitutional obligation not to interfere with legal proceedings.

“I want to tell you that Congressman Waters may have given you an appeal that could overturn the entire proceeding,” Cayhill said.

The message requesting comment from the Waters office was not immediately returned late Monday afternoon.

Mr. Cayhill said he did not think the jury was prejudiced against the comments because the elected civil servants were instructed not to watch the news. The jury will be quarantined in the hotel until a verdict is given.

“I hope the elected officials stop talking about the case,” Cahill said. “It’s a shame that they didn’t, but I don’t think it hurt the jury.”

“The opinion of the House of Representatives is not that important,” he added.

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