The judge ruled that Scott Peterson was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his pregnant wife.


Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson was handcuffed in 2005. Justin Sullivan, Pool / AP

  • Scott Peterson, convicted of murdering his pregnant wife in 2004, is re-sentenced.

  • Peterson was sentenced to death in 2005, but the California Supreme Court reversed it in 2020.

  • The conviction is upheld and Peterson is sentenced to life imprisonment.

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A California judge ruled on Wednesday that Scott Peterson, who was convicted of killing his pregnant wife in 2004, must be re-declared for the crime.

The judge ruled that Peterson would be sentenced to life imprisonment in November without the possibility of parole. According to KRON-TV..

Peterson was convicted in 2004 of one murder for the murder of his wife Rashi and two murders for the death of his fetal son. According to officials, Peterson used his fishing boat to dump the body in San Francisco Bay. Associated Press reported..

2020, California Supreme Court Overturned Peterson’s death sentence, However, since then he has remained on death row.

The court dismissed Peterson’s allegation that he had not received a fair trial due to the attention of the media surrounding the case, but the judge “made a series of clear and serious mistakes in the appointment of the jury.” Admitted. AP reported that some jury candidates personally opposed the death penalty but were still dismissed for imposing the death penalty.

“If the jury’s view of the death penalty substantially impairs the ability to comply with the law, the court can dismiss the jury candidate as not eligible to sentence the death penalty, just because the jury has expressed opposition. The jury cannot be dismissed. The general problem is the death penalty, “said a jury in the California Supreme Court at the time.

Cliff Gardner, Peterson’s lawyer for appeal, did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

KRON-TV reported that the court date was set on October 6 to determine the exact date of Peterson’s re-judgment.

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