The Justice Department sued Georgia over election law, saying it would limit access to black voters

The Justice Department is trying to overturn the controversial state law that federal authorities claim to limit access to black voters’ votes, which is probably the first of some legal challenges to the state’s newly imposed election law. Is suing Georgia.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said Friday that “the right to vote for all citizens is a central pillar of our democracy,” adding that recent changes in Georgian law have led to the oppression of voters.

“This proceeding is a lot of the first steps we are taking to allow all voters to vote. All legitimate votes are counted. And all voters have accurate information. Have access to. “

“Voting rights for all citizens are a central pillar of our democracy,” Attorney General Merrick Garland has issued a legal objection to changes in Georgia’s election law.

The government claims that state law was passed as “for discriminatory purposes … deviating from normal practices and procedures.”

Deputy Attorney General Kristen Clark, head of the civil rights department of the Justice Department, said Friday that the state acted with the “intention” to deny access to black voters.

The Justice Department’s actions also aimed at state law provisions prohibiting the distribution of food and water to voters, who are often forced to wait in long lines to throw ballots.

Georgia law, signed by Governor Brian Kemp in a closed room earlier this year, has been roundly accused of oppressing explicit voters by the Democratic Party, which Republicans see as election reform.

In addition to refusing water and food to waiting voters, some of the most controversial provisions include additional voter identification requirements. Sunday Optional Early Voting – Traditionally, the day when black voting spikes during the “Souls to the Polls” campaign. Georgia law also shortens the voting period.

Controversial legal provisions have prompted criticism from corporate giants, including Atlanta-based Coca-Cola. Major League Baseball also ran the midsummer All-Star game that was scheduled to take place in Atlanta.

“The recent Jim Crow election law in Georgia is a blatant attack on the most basic and sacred rights of the American people, the right to vote,” said NAACP President Derrick Johnson. We needed to protect our fragile democracy and ensure that all voices were audible. We are in the fight against time and in the fight against those who work to discount us. “

At the same time, on Friday, the Justice Department was instructed by U.S. lawyers to more closely track threats to elected workers across the country as deep political divisions increased the risk of polling workers and other officials. Announced.

Deputy Secretary of State Lisa Monaco said the Federal Task Force would pursue such a threat. Garland’s actions were driven by increased news coverage highlighting the issue.

Meanwhile, Kemp accused the proceedings of being “born from lies and false information.”

According to the governor, the Biden administration “will use the US Department of Justice as a weapon to carry out a far-left agenda that undermines the integrity of elections and strengthens the federal government’s overkill in democracy.”

The Justice Secretary’s actions came after he vowed to strengthen the Civil Rights Department of the Department of Justice earlier this month to limit voters’ access and challenge policies and laws that discriminate against left-behind voters.

“To address the challenges at this point, we need to re-dedicate the Justice Department’s resources to an important part of our original mission. Enforce federal law to protect the franchise of all voters.” Garland said this month a wave of legislation in several states restricting voters’ access.

Garland has promised to double the executive staff of the Civil Rights Unit, a powerful division within the agency investigating hate crimes, police abuse and other civil rights infringements.

“We are scrutinizing new legislation that seeks to restrict access to voters and will act freely in the event of a breach of federal law,” Garland said. “We are also scrutinizing current laws and practices to determine if we are discriminating against black voters and other voters.”

The announcement is in the midst of a national tug of war over voting rights, which is expected to be an important issue in the 2022 midterm elections. Republican state legislators across the country have proposed measures to limit access to voting, and Democrats are pushing for drastic legislation to increase voter access.

This week, the Senate was unable to push forward with a drastic voting bill, stalling democratic legislation aimed at countering recent restrictive state measures pursued in Republican-led states.

With 50-50 votes, it fell below the 60 required to overcome Republican filibuster. All Democratic senators voted to start the debate, but Republicans unanimously voted to stop it.

This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Georgia’s voting restrictions will cause the DOJ to file a proceeding, AG Merrick Garland said

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