The Kabul attack is likely to be the “virtual end” of non-US military evacuation efforts, former Pentagon officials say.


Medical staff take an injured man to a hospital in Kabul

Medical staff take an injured man to a hospital in Kabul WAKIL KOHSAR / AFP via Getty Images

In an attack in Kabul, “Number of US service members“Thursday is likely to serve as the” de facto end “of US non-combatant evacuation efforts in Afghanistan, a former Pentagon official said.

An explosion outside Kabul Airport killed at least four US Marines and 60 Afghanistan prior to President Biden’s August 31 evacuation deadline for Afghanistan. according to The Wall Street Journal..Former Pentagon official William Wechsler Said Washington post The attack could mean the end of a US-led evacuation of someone other than the military.

“Although likely to be publicly denied, the terrorist attack is also likely to mark the de facto end of a formal US-led non-combatant evacuation operation,” he said. Wechsler director.. “Anyway, the deadline for the end of the month is approaching. The end of hope to stay in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, desperate to escape due to the necessary operational pauses as a result of the bombing. There may be no trace of the country. “

The United States has “evacuated and promoted evacuation” of more than 95,000 people since August 14. The White House saidAnd last week, President Biden swore it “Any American who wants to go home will take you home.” Biden also promised to make this “same promise” to all Afghans who helped the United States in its war effort. However, he added that evacuation cannot be “promised” to be “no risk of loss.”

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