The Katz border blockade ended after more than two weeks

Protest organizers say they want to keep the story that their protest is peaceful

The blockade set up at the Katz Border Crossing in Alberta, which ended on Tuesday, decided to keep the story that they were peaceful, with individuals arrested by RCMP for accessing firearms and ammunition cash. He said it had nothing to do with it. ..

“We want to put this together in a peaceful way,” said Marco van Huigenbos, the organizer of the convoy, in a video message. Post According to Rebel News reporter Syd Fizzard on Twitter on the evening of February 14th.

“… RCMP arrested after the news was announced, [came] He was arrested and moved forward, with long-armed firearms, pistols, and protective equipment. … As a fleet of Kutz, as a peaceful protest, we have decided to deploy tomorrow at 10 am to maintain the story. “

On February 14, RCMP arrested a total of 13 people and found 13 long guns, pistols, multiple bulletproof vests, machetes, large amounts of ammunition, and large magazines.

The RCMP also said that semi-trucks and agricultural tractors attempted to collide with police cars on February 13.

Meanwhile, the organizers of Freedom Convoy in Ottawa plan to plant weapons in Ottawa COVID-19, which mandates demonstrations as “malicious elements” as “excuse to forcibly eliminate peaceful protesters.” He said he had notified the police after being told he was there.

and video Former RCMP officer Daniel Bruford, who supports the security of protesters, posted on social media on February 14, received information from sources he believed he could trust that weapons could be planted. Said that.

“Today, February 14, confidence that firearms could be installed around Ottawa, especially Freedom Convey, to discredit protests and be used as an excuse to force peaceful protesters out. We have received information from multiple sources that we can, “says Bulford.

“Due to the nature of this information, I felt it was wise to notify the general public for security. This private intelligence was stolen in Peterborough, Ontario, on Sunday morning, February 13, about 2,000. Correlates with the firearms of the fire. “

Protests at the Katz Border Crossing began on January 29. This is one of several demonstrations inspired by the Freedom Convoy encamped in Ottawa, which began in opposition to the federal government’s vaccination obligations to cross-border truck drivers.

The first convoys gathered in Ottawa on January 29, and many protesters said they would stay until all COVID-19 obligations were lifted. Since then, the movement has grown rapidly to include supporters from all over the country who oppose all pandemic obligations and restrictions imposed by the government.

Van Huigenbos said they hope their protests will start something that will have “widespread impact” on governments at all levels. The mission will be abolished soon. “

“We thank everyone for their support, [and] For prayer. “

The Canada Border Services Agency confirmed on February 15 that operations had resumed at the intersection of Alberta and the United States.

A video posted on social media showed RCMP members shaking hands and hugging protesters. In the background, I sang in O Canada with my hat and hands on my chest and my arms on my shoulders.

Katabella Roberts and Canadian Press contributed to this report.

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Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.

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