The kidnapper whose girlfriend was left with brain damage has more than double the text

The kidnapper who bundled his girlfriend in a van before it turned out that she was seriously injured has more than doubled his decision by the Court of Appeal Judge.

Chay Bowskill, 20, from Syston, Leicestershire, picked up Angellin after leaving to escape him in September 2020 and was driven back into the van by his accomplice Rocco Sansam.

A 19-year-old woman was later found lying seriously injured on the A6 driveway near Loughborough, leaving her with permanent brain damage, so she needs to be taken care of for the rest of her life.

Bowskill was convicted of kidnapping, coercive and disciplined behavior after a trial in Leicester’s Crown Court, and was detained for seven and a half years in January after overturning the path of justice. ..

Sansam, also 20, Police in Birstall, Leicestershire were also found guilty of kidnapping and sentenced to 21 months in prison.

Both men were referred to the Court of Appeals by Solicitor Alex Chalk QC, who claimed they were “overly generous” about Lynn’s kidnapping.

Bowskill’s general judgment was extended to 16 years and 3 months by a senior judge on Wednesday after concluding that the initial term of the kidnapping was not long enough.

Given a summary of their decision, Dame Victoria Sharp concluded that “the decision given to him for the kidnapping was overly generous.”
She stated that the original term “did not reflect the seriousness of the kidnapping” and the resulting harm caused to Lynn.

Members of Lin’s family gasped when the judge told the court about the increase in judgments.

Bowskill, who appeared in a video link from a prison in a gray sweatshirt, shook his head when he heard the results.

The judge said Sansam’s decision “should have been longer,” but in all circumstances, the court decided not to change it, including the fact that he was about to be released. ..

Horrible video footage shows the moment in September 2020 when Lynn was forcibly picked up by Bowskill and taken to a silver transit van driven out at a pace by Sansam.

Police had previously said that Lin got out of the car at some point on the trip, but she was injured and now needs “24-hour care.”

Victoria Dame said Bowskill had had a relationship with Lynn about a year before the incident, all the while acting in a coercive and disciplined manner against her, threatening her with violence many times.

The judge said he tried to intimidate his own mother to withdraw the statement she had issued to the police about his actions against Lynn after the kidnapping.

In a statement issued after the hearing of the judgment, Lin’s family said: Her future was sadly robbed of her.

“The catastrophic injury that the angel suffered means that the lives of her and our family will never be the same.

“Every day is not only a big fight for angels, but also a big fight for our family and friends.”

Dame Victoria said Bowskill had to serve two-thirds of his sentence in prison before he was released.

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