The labels for riots and sedition are “there is no basis in reality”

Organizers of Canada’s Freedom Convoy on Wednesday attacked those who labeled the protest as a form of rebellion and sedition.

The statement was made when a truck driver’s protest in Ottawa, Canada, entered Wednesday’s 13th day.

Ottawa’s “Freedom Convoy” consists primarily of truck drivers and began as a protest against the COVID-19 vaccine obligations for cross-border drivers between the United States and Canada. Protesters have vowed to remain in that state until the COVID-19 restriction is lifted.

“Some politicians have abandoned this dangerous sedition and riot,” Keith Wilson, a lawyer at the Judicial Center for Constitutional Freedom, said at a press conference Wednesday.

“People involved in Freedom Convoy’s core group have not demanded anything other than the restoration of charter rights, respect for the rule of law in Canada, and the obligation to arbitrarily discriminate against them and deprive them of the charter. Rights will be suspended, “he told reporters.

Several media outlets, including CNN and MSNBC, describe increasing protests as sections and riots.

CNN’s “Inside Politics” calls protests against state and federal COVID-19 restrictions a “threat to democracy.” Press anchor John King said Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly described the protest as “a madly driven national riot.”

“And think about language. Sounds familiar. Threat to democracy. Riots, sedition. I want to make it clear that things have settled down a bit, but it’s happening right in front of the Diet. We never leave the basic sit-in track, “said CNN correspondent Paula Newton.

The “MSNBC Report” segment pushed the story of Freedom Convoy as a “national riot.” Fox news..

Meanwhile, Mark Carney, a former governor of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, who lives in Ottawa, said: Written an editorial in The Globe and Mail “It’s time to end the instigation in Ottawa by enforcing the law and protecting the money.”

“There are several elements on the agenda that talk about the illusion that the governor-general attacks the government and magically appoints a committee,” continued lawyer Keith Wilson.

“It’s all fairy dust. It’s really unfounded. And one of the groups I work for hasn’t, and still doesn’t,. Their goal is It is for all Canadians to regain their rights and put an end to them. “

“It’s completely inaccurate that this spin by some mainstream media somehow wants more than I’ve explained to those involved in this liberty convoy,” he added. rice field.

Similar demonstrations have been held around the world, including New Zealand, the Netherlands and the United States, since protests in the Canadian capital became a hot topic.

Canadian officials have responded to protesters by seizing fuel from Ottawa protesters and threatening to revoke their truck driver’s license.

Financing website GoFundMe also seized funds from the convoy, but reverted to plans to donate to selected charities after several US officials said they would investigate the move.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would not meet the truck driver on February 7, and said the mayor of Ottawa should appoint a mediator to resolve the situation.

Benjamin Dichter, coordinator of Freedom Convoy in Canada, told reporters that participants remained bright 13 days after the opposition movement.

“The morale of the people on earth hasn’t changed that much,” Dichter said Wednesday. “I’m fine, everyone is happy, and I think partly because they’re actually seeing the consequences of the change.”

“We see local leaders trying to sit on the fence as usual, but public opinion is changing, so we’re moving a little more to our side. That’s good. “He continued.

“We have seen changes in the political situation,” Dichter added. “We were the hottest topic in the Capitol for many who are quietly making overtures to us. This is that all these hard-working Canadians are getting the attention they deserve. Is great. What this is. All. “

Zachary Stieber contributed to this report.

Isabelle van Brugen


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