The largest 325-inch Direct View LED TV is LG’s response to Samsung The Wall

LG Direct View LED TV


After Samsung launched the The Wall series of TVs featuring super-large sizes, everyone should be able to guess that the old rival LG will bring similar products sooner or later.Sure enough, today LG announced a brand new Direct View LED TV, Aims to integrate the ultimate home theater experience into a “super luxurious” home environment. The smallest size of DVLED is 81 inches, and the largest model can reach 325 inches. However, if you want the largest size, the ratio can only be limited to 16:9. On this basis, LG has also prepared a 32:9 option for users with special needs, and the corresponding size is 196 inches.

In terms of resolution, it is not surprising that the highest can be selected to 8K, the next one is 4K, and even 2K is even lower. In addition to the panel, LG will provide a WebOS control box to implement various smart TV functions. At present, the factory has begun to accept orders for DVLED, but it has not announced the price. But they have estimated that the price of installation, warranty and post-support (including a biennial health check) is about 30,000 US dollars, so thinking that the TV itself is mostly just listening to many people.