‘The Last of Us’ Creator Says Cordyceps Danger Is ‘Real’ and ‘Always Here’

Pedro Pascal as Joel and Clicker in The Last of Us.

Pedro Pascal as Joel and Clicker in The Last of Us.HBO

  • “The Last of Us” creator Craig Mazin says the dangers of Cordyceps are “real”.

  • Mazin stated that everything he does on the show he does to Ali.

  • Mazin added that he does not believe Cordyceps can affect humans in the same way.

HBO’s post-apocalyptic series, “The Last of Us” imagines a world in which Cordyceps fungus, a parasite that typically infects ants and insects, has evolved to control humanity.

Based on the video game of the same name, Joel (Pedro Pascal) As we know, he’s tasked with escorting Ellie (Bella Ramsey) across the United States after a fungus ravages society.and according to Showrunner Craig Mazinthe dangers of cordyceps are ‘real’.

show premiere It opens with a short prologue to 1968. Dr. Neuman (John Hannah) notes that if the world becomes warmer due to climate change, Cordyceps may evolve and target humans, before the fungus turns to ants. I’ll explain how it spreads.

talk hollywood reporterMazin said the prologue is based on reality.

“It’s real. Everything he says fungi do is real in that they do it,” Mazin said. There are some amazing documentaries that you can watch, and they are pretty terrifying.”

Mazin added that he doesn’t think fungi have evolved to infect humans, but hallucinogens like LSD derive from different fungi.

The showrunner said: “Well, his warning — what if they evolved and invaded us? I don’t think so. I doubt it. On the other hand, he is right — LSD and psilocybin are derived from fungi.”

Mazin added: “What I said to John [Hannah] “What we’re doing with this scene is telling people that this was always here.”

Mazin previously created the Emmy-winning series HBO’s “Chernobyl” Talking about the infamous 1986 disaster, he said working on “The Last of Us” reminded him of the 2019 series.

He said: “What was most horrifying to me was that [the Chernobyl nuclear plant] It exploded that night, but it could have exploded a week ago, or it could have exploded a month ago. ”

The showrunners went on to say that these disasters could occur, but “we don’t know about it.”

He explained: We’ll show you the night it finally happens. Not suddenly, but finally. ”

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