The lawyer had to repeatedly tell Trump’s lawyer to stop disturbing the judge while she yelled at political prejudice and right-wing conspiracy theories.

Former President Donald Trump.

Former President Donald Trump.Evan Vucci / AP

  • Trump’s lawyer continued to thwart judges this week in a controversial court.

  • The interruptions were so frequent that legal personnel had to intervene.

  • “When the judge speaks, you have to stop speaking,” the clerk told Trump’s lawyer, Alina Haba.

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer Controversial hearing On Thursday, and sometimes so hot, the lawyer had to remind her several times not to talk about the judge.

The focus of the hearing is Subpoena The office of Attorney General of New York Letitia James sent it to Trump And his two eldest sons, Donald Jr. and Ivanka. They were provided as part of an extensive investigation into whether the Trump Organization violated banking, tax and insurance laws. Trump lawyers urged judges to revoke the subpoena, arguing that the investigation was a political motivation and that James had improperly conducted civil and criminal investigations.

At one point, Trump’s lawyer, Alina Haba, claimed that James’ investigation was “invalid” and contaminated with political prejudice because the Attorney General publicly criticized Trump.

Judge Arthur Engoron of the New York Supreme Court said when Haba should stop the investigation, “I say this is obvious, but I’m not a lawyer’s disciplinary action.” Stated. “Therefore, some of these ethical questions aren’t, and aren’t in front of me, and I tend to say they aren’t part of the case, but I’m not entirely. — ”

Haba said, “Your honor, how can you say that? They dominate this case. You can’t talk to anyone based on your hatred for them. You can’t. -“said.

Then Justice Officer Allison Greenfield suspended to blame Haba.

“When the judge speaks, you need to stop speaking,” she said.

“I’m sorry,” Haba replied. “I thought he was done. I apologize.”

At another point in the hearing, Haba claimed that Trump did not violate any law and pointed out numerous legal and congressional investigations into his business and personal life over the past few years.

While the judge was speaking, Haba interrupted him again, saying, “I haven’t been charged in the last few years.”

The interruption prompted another reminder from Greenfield.

“When the judge speaks, you have to stop speaking,” she told Haba.

Engoron interrupted his steps by saying, “Thank you for your energy, let’s say it.”

Haba also spoke directly to Kevin Wallace, a lawyer at James’ office, during the hearing. This was a violation of the Protocol, as lawyers were not expected to be involved in crosstalk during a court hearing and were not expected to discuss each other directly.

Wallace ignored Haba’s comment on him and told Engoron, “I’m not going to engage in crosstalk, it’s your honor.”

Haba is also out of the focus of the hearing Air out Right wing Conspiracy theory About Hillary Clinton, and what Trump argued, was an illegal plot to spy on his campaign and administration.

“I’d like to know, are you going to chase what Wallace, James, and Hillary Clinton are doing to my clients?” Haba said, referring to Attorney General of New York and Kevin Wallace. He said at a hearing that he was the lawyer on behalf of her. “What she spy on at Trump Tower in your state? Are you going to look into her commerce?”

However, Engoron cut off the debate about Haba’s Clinton and said it was irrelevant.

“Clinton isn’t in front of me,” he said.

Engoron has Trump and his two children Must comply with subpoena..

“The subject of a hybrid civil / crime investigation cannot use the Fifth Amendment as both a sword and a shield. It is a shield to the question and a sword to the investigation itself,” he writes.

“When they are taken testimony, the new Trump respondents Right to refuse To answer questions they claim they may blame, and their refusal cannot be commented or used against them in criminal charges. “

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