The leaked letter reveals allegations that Southern Baptist leaders mishandled allegations of sexual abuse

Ah The letter I got By Washington post It outlines a new claim that Southern Baptist Convention leaders mishandled allegations of sexual abuse.

State of play: A letter written by Russell Moore, a former chairman of the SBC Ethics and Religious Freedom Commission, claims that leaders of the organization have bullied victims of sexual abuse.

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  • Moore specifically mentions a person on the SBC executive committee who said he said says said to those who spoke out about church abuse.

  • He also acquitted the Church with credible claims of negligence by the leaders of some institutions and endangered the lives of “vulnerable children and others” associated with the Church. He said he was exposed to.

Big picture: The country’s largest evangelical Christian church, the SBC, faces debates “on issues such as sexual abuse, racism, the role of women, and the important support of the Southern Baptist Convention for former President Donald Trump.” The post writes.

Due to these controversies, some people left the church.

Line spacing: The letter is dated May 31st, just days after Moore Announced He will resign from his position in the tournament. At that time, Moore announced that he would leave the company to participate in the magazine Christianity Today.

What they are saying: “Both you and I heard at a closed-door meeting that survivors of sexual abuse were talking about’Pochipal’s wife’and other false biblical analogies,” Moore said in a letter. Written to SBC President JD Greer.

  • “The conversations at these private meetings were far worse than what the Southern Baptist Convention knew.

  • “…[T]He follows a track record of executive committee staff and others referring to victims as “crazy” and, in at least one case, worse than the sexual predators themselves. “

  • Pay attention to: “In ancient Bible stories, Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph and unfairly accused him of attacking Joseph, “the post wrote.

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