The left side of the Tulsa shooting explains the motive, Nice says.

Photo by J Pat Carter / Getty Images

Photo by J Pat Carter / Getty Images

The Shooters killing four and themselves at a clinic in Tulsa, OklahomaIdentified as 45-year-old Michelet Lewis on Wednesday, his family told The Daily Beast.

Louis’ niece quoted a conversation with police and said he left a note explaining the motives for the attack, but authorities refused to immediately disclose to her what it said.

“Tulsa police called me and confirmed that it was my uncle,” she sent a text Thursday morning. “We are very upset.”

She quoted the “evil” nature of the crime and asked her not to name her in the story. “I’m so tired that I don’t want to go out,” she told The Daily Beast.

Law enforcement officers at Mascogie confirmed the suspect’s name as Michael Lewis. Public records show that Muscogee men used both names.

In addition, public records list Louis as a resident of the Mascogie’s house, where Tulsa police asked local police to look for possible bombs on Wednesday night, in connection with the hospital case. He said he was.

Officials said the house was evacuated Wednesday night, and neither Louis nor his wife, Edith Rubin, were contacted by reporters and worried relatives.

Mascogie Police Chief Johnny Teahee contacted the Daily Beast by phone and told The Daily Beast that he could not postpone to Tulsa Police, who did not respond to the inquiry, to confirm or deny Louis’ identity.

The motive for the shooting on the second floor of the Natalie Medical Building near St. Francis Hospital has not yet been confirmed. A police spokesperson for Tulsa and Mascogie did not immediately respond to the Daily Beast’s request for comment before normal business hours on Thursday.

“It’s very shocking. It’s okay if he commits suicide, but those innocent people, that’s what I hurt,” continued Louis’ niece.

When The Daily Beast first arrived Wednesday night, Louis’ family expressed distrust that he might have been involved.

“It’s really crazy. It’s shocking … no one in our family, no one in our family, is doing this kind of action. Nobody,” says the niece. rice field.

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