The legendary Vermont pilot died after falling from a hot-air balloon.Passengers fly across state borders

According to state officials, a Vermont hot-air balloon pilot died in entanglement in gear under the basket.

On Thursday afternoon, four passengers boarded a hot-air balloon with a pilot identified as Brian Borland, 72, in Post Mills, Vermont. After takeoff Vermont Police He said the balloon had descended and landed in a nearby field.

When the balloon hit the ground, one passenger fell, but was unharmed. But at the same time, officials said Borland “was caught in gear attached to the balloon when it rose again and was trapped under the basket.”

Shortly thereafter, Borland was sentenced to another area and died on the scene, according to state police.

Hot-air balloon passengers remained in the air as they crossed the state border into New Hampshire. There, a hot-air balloon was caught in a grove of the border city of Peermont. The three passengers were able to get off the tree without injury.

The four passengers were identified as Roger Blake (73 years old), Ellen Blake (67 years old), daughter Emily Blake 37 years old, and her child. According to WCVB..

Borland has been a balloon pilot for over 40 years.

“The man was a legend of his own time,” said Scott Wright, owner of the Silver Maple Lodge in Fairy, Vermont, who offered a package that included a flight on a balloon in Borland. Told the Associated Press..

David Bristol, HEAD Balloons pilot and repairman, I wrote in a Facebook post Borland was “the father of experimental balloon movement, and he did a lot to promote hot-air balloon sports.”

Vermont police said the investigation into the accident would be handled by the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: Vermont pilot Brian Borland dies in hot-air balloon accident

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