The leopard cub runs hard from the hyena, revealing a tall savior

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Blockade romance?Cuban zoo baby boom

The zookeeper told Reuters that the romantic encounter resulted in an animal bumper crop that hasn’t been seen in recent years. Newborns include leopards, Bengal tigers, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, and cows. For months, the zoo was closed during the pandemic. The pandemic had a negative impact on humanity, but in the case of zoos it was beneficial. Veterinarian Rachel Ortiz told Reuters. According to Ortiz, the wandering eyes of visitors and tourists flocking to the zoo affect animal breeding. At an age that was not ideal for breeding conditions. And now we have four pups, about six months old, “Ortis explained. Food and drug shortages on the crisis-stricken island sometimes struck the zoo, so officials admitted, but veterinarian Deborah Maso, who oversees the African savanna exhibit, said zoo workers were animals. But during the pandemic era, there were some exotic species, such as the birth of a giraffe named Rachel.[…] It was a great achievement and a great pleasure for us, “Mr. Maso pointed out. In addition to the beautiful Bengal tiger cub, the zoo is also excited about the birth of “Mamita”. [Spanish short for Mother], 40 days old. The mother was a donation from Namibia to Cuba. The National Zoo is a favorite attraction in Cuba with more than 120 species of 1,473 specimens, including large animals such as elephants and rhinos. Cuba is a Caribbean island with white sands and turquoise waters. Popular with tourists, it closed its borders in a pandemic for nearly two years and imposed strict domestic quarantine to limit the spread of the coronavirus.