The list of names was shared with the Taliban


U.S. officials shared a list of names with the Taliban on Sunday, challenging the accusations that terrorist groups were given the identities of many Americans and Afghanistan trying to flee Afghanistan.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan, who appeared at the cable show on Sunday, confirmed that the information was shared with the Taliban.

Blinken said the Taliban was given a list of people on the bus on their way to the US-owned airport in Kabul, but they also had to go through the Taliban checkpoint.

“Share your name on the list of people on the bus so you can be confident that they are the ones we’re trying to bring,” Blinken said. “And by definition, that’s exactly what happened.”

Sullivan disputed reports that the United States gave the Taliban a list of names, but showed that some identities were shared.

“We do not provide a list of all US SIV holders. [sic] On the Taliban and other large lists of other types, “he said, referring to the special immigrant visas given to Afghanistan.

Sullivan also mentioned the situation where buses such as Afghans headed for the airport but had to pass through the Taliban checkpoint.

“It’s the type of adjustment we made with the Taliban, which allowed journalists, women, pilots and other SIVs to fly and leave the country,” he said.

Sullivan, who insisted that the Biden administration disputed the idea that the list was shared, or that it was not a large list, did not answer directly.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken
Secretary of State Antony Blinken listens to questions while talking about Afghanistan at a media briefing at the State Department in Washington on August 25, 2021. (Alex Brandon / Pool / AP Photo)

President Joe Biden did not deny that his administration shared a list of American names with the Taliban last week, telling reporters: The number of people on it consists of the following groups of people: I want you to pass the bus or the group. “

Biden also said he could not confirm if there was a list.

“Maybe there, but I don’t know the situation. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist — it didn’t exist, it’s’there are 12 names here. They are coming. Let them go through. “It could have happened very often,” he said.

Blinken was speaking at NBC’s “Meet the Press”. Sullivan was talking about CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Senator Ben Sasse (Republican) accused the Taliban of sharing his name “this week” at ABC.

“They passed a list of American citizens and American closet allies, those who fought with us. They believed they could be trusted and trusted them and passed them to the Taliban. It was ridiculous at the time. It’s insane now, and it seems that their plans are still relying on the Taliban, “said Sas.

The U.S. military is leading efforts to evacuate tens of thousands of Afghanistan and people from various countries from Afghanistan before the troops withdraw, and is currently scheduled to withdraw on August 31st.

The U.S. military holds the airport in Kabul, but the Taliban controls all other parts of the city, so it is necessary to pass through the Taliban checkpoint to reach the facility.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby and Pentagon spokesman John Kirby declined on Monday when asked if the United States would continue to coordinate with the Taliban after the withdrawal.

“I don’t think it’s useful to work on virtual or future operations in any way,” he said.

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