The Los Angeles City Council voted in favor of a homeless prevention ordinance affecting about 40,000 uncontained Angelenos


Homeless Los Angeles, California

Echo Park Lake, Thursday, March 25, 2021, Los Angeles, CA. Francine Ol / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

  • The LA City Council has passed an ordinance banning homeless camps in some areas of the city.

  • The bill restricts “sitting, lying down, sleeping, storing, using, maintaining, or placing personal property in public right of way.”

  • The bill was passed by a 13-2 vote on Wednesday, but LA Mayor Garsetti still has the right to veto.

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NS Los Angeles City Council On Wednesday, it voted in favor of an ordinance banning homeless camps in some parts of the city.

A measure that replaces a similar version known as. City code 41.18Was co-authored by city council members Paul Krekorian and Mark Ridley-Thomas.It NS “Sit, lie down, sleep, store, use, maintain, or place personal property in public right of way” is prohibited.

It is said that there are about 40,000 uncontained Angelenos affected by the ordinance. Associated Press..

Members of the LA City Council first voted for the bill on 1 July and approved it with a 13-2 vote. However, it did not pass unanimously at first, so a second vote was required.

Even in the second vote, there were 13 votes in favor and 2 votes against. Councilors Nisia Raman and Mike Bonin both voted against the ordinance at the meeting.

Raman Post In a Twitter thread, she elaborated on her concerns, stating that “actual solutions (housing, outreach, services) take time and money.”

“It’s not easy at all,” the councilor wrote. “But that’s exactly what we have to do, and it doesn’t enact harmful and fantastic” quick corrections. ” “

Mr Bonin said during the meeting he pointed out the contrast between “housing” and “shelter”.

“We need the right to live, not the obligation to evacuate,” Bonin said. “People want housing. They don’t want warehouses, they don’t want shelters, they want housing.”

Earlier this month, Crecorian, one of the councilors who proposed the ordinance, defended the ordinance as follows: Spectrum news“We will not make the homeless illegal,” “we will not criminalize the homeless,” and “we will not take the basic actions to make humans illegal.”

“It’s a guarantee that we’ll rebuild a passable sidewalk,” Crecorian said on July 1. Dock, driveway, etc. It guarantees access to our fire extinguisher, the entrance to the building. “

However, some Los Angeles residents feel that the ordinance is unjustified. Knock on LAAn independent journalism platform, has captured some of those disapproval statements while covering city council meetings.

“You’re causing problems because you’re arresting more homeless people,” the resident said. Spectrum news With the right to rest without an arrest rally held outside the Los Angeles City Hall before Wednesday’s meeting.

“The idea is that they are always trying to keep homeless people moving,” the resident continued. “It’s impossible. They get tired. They carry their stuff. They need a place to live and stay, and they don’t have it.”

The ordinance is not yet a law. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti still has the power to reject the bill. The Garsetti representative did not immediately return the insider’s request for comment.

Watch the meeting here:

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