The lottery winner rushed away from the store, but forgot to refuel, MI officials say.

Michigan man $ 1 million lottery While refueling at the gas station, he was excited and speeded up with the pump running.

“I decided to stop by the Speedway to get petrol and get a ticket while I was there. When I matched the number 14 and revealed the $ 1 million amount below it, I started screaming out loud.

He ended up taking part of the pump, but he can probably afford to pay damages.

“I was very excited,” said a 59-year-old man in Genesee County.

According to the lottery release, he went to the lottery headquarters and chose to pay in one lump sum instead of paying his pension, bringing the total prize pool to $ 634,517.

He has a plan for money. A new car, a home, and a vacation.

The lottery release doesn’t say if he needs to buy a new hose or nozzle for Speedway.

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