The “love at first sight” bride shed tears after admitting that her new husband wasn’t attracted to Asian women.

Participants in “Married At First Sight Australia” wept after revealing on a reality show that her new husband, who matched her, wasn’t attracted to her because she was Asian.

Serena Chawl and Cody Bromley, who met and “watered” in episode 3 of this season’s popular reality show (broadcast February 2), had an emotional depression in episode 8’s “Confession Week” special. I showed you. February 9 report

At the show, contestants will blindly couple and participate in informal commitment ceremonies after meeting in person for the first time.

Fresh from the honeymoon, where the pair reportedly struggled to build an intimate relationship, Bromley ranked Chawl after fellow athlete Samantha Moitzi during her attractiveness ranking practice.

Later that day, the couple participated in another activity and were ordered by show experts to ask each other “difficult questions.”

Before confronting Bromley, Chawl seems to have opened the door to the show’s producers. I am struggling with love. “

Chaur, a 32-year-old beautician whose parents are Chinese and Cambodian, asked Bromley, “Is there a lack of interest, charm, or affection for my nationality and appearance?”

The 30-year-old swimming coach replied: I’m never a racist, but that’s not what I’m familiar with. To be honest … the simple answer is probably that. “

Bromley later continued the interview. “Selina’s nationality, ethnicity, or the way you want to express it isn’t a big deal. Serena isn’t usually my type. I usually like that blonde surf look. That’s what I do. It’s something I’m crazy about and I’ve always been looking for on the beaches north. “

Bromley claimed that he had “never looked at Serena differently,” but he admitted that he was “crazy,” and “very regrets having made comments that came out the wrong way.” “I felt that.

Chawl, sobbing after hearing Bromley’s confession, later said that Revelation had “broken” her.

“He knows I’ve been bullied based on it since I was a kid. I can’t change my nationality … I really like him and I’m really working hard so it’s difficult So … I can’t change being Asian, “she said.

In an interview with WhoChaur later said he felt “pride” after having a “race conversation”.

“I’m a proud ethnic woman,” she said. “I felt I needed to take off the flag and swing around with pride. I want people to see how hard it was for me to ask that question. It took me a long time, so very much. I’m proud.

“People of all ethnicities, we have what we are told, and we polish it to one side. At least now, people are a little more conscious of what they say. You will be conscious at the end of the day [it was said] Very early [of the relationship].. I had to accept his words when he said it didn’t mean that. “

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