The Lyft driver drives the woman out of the car after asking if she is an “English-speaking” or “ordinary man.”

Screenshot of the FB page where Bode posted the video.

The board posted a video on his Facebook page.Screenshot / Facebook

  • The viral video shows a Lyft driver kicking a woman out of a car because of racist remarks.

  • The woman got into the car and asked if she was an English-speaking “ordinary man” or “white man.”

  • “No, you can get out of the car,” driver James W. Board told her.

On Friday, the Lyft driver got into his car and kicked out a woman who began to make racist remarks. This video became a hot topic on social media shows.

The Lyft driver, who identified himself as James W. Board, posted a video taken from his dashcam. Facebook..

A time-stamped video at 10:37 pm on Friday night shows a woman getting into a car on the board and a man chasing behind her.

“You look like a white man,” she says.

“What’s that?” He asks her.

“Are you like a white man?” She says. “Are you like an ordinary person who speaks English?”

Then the board can be seen in the video looking back to face her. “No, I can get out of her car,” he told her.

“What?” She asks.

“That’s inappropriate,” says Bode. “It’s completely inappropriate. What’s the difference if someone isn’t the white person sitting in this seat?”

“Are you serious?” Says the woman the board identified as “Jackie” on Facebook.

After that, the board looked back on the interaction with the man who got into the car, and he seems to have repeatedly not got in the car.

The man calls him a “fucking dislike” and threatens to “hit” him “with a fucking face”.

As the woman leaves the car on the board, you can hear the man using racist terms to say, “Stop sexual intercourse from here.”

The board then looks out of their window and says he’s going to call the police and tell them about the exchange.

“You are racists,” he tells them.

On Facebook, Bode wrote that he was picking up a couple outside the Fossils Last Stand, a pub and grill in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. Mr. Board said he had submitted a police report to the couple “due to the threat of assault.”

“If you make me feel uncomfortable, I will do absolutely the same, especially with my car and property,” he wrote on Facebook.

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