The Mackinac Bridge, north of Detroit, was closed following reports of a bomb threat, officials say. Will resume in 3 hours

Officials said the bomb threat closed a suspension bridge north of Detroit for hours on Sunday.

Mackinac Bridge officials said on Twitter that the bridge was closed at 2:15 pm on Sunday after law enforcement agencies reported the threat of the bomb.

Nothing was found after the “extensive search,” officials said.

Mackinac County 911 / Emergency Management According to a post from the Twitter account, the bridge was reopened around 5:10 pm local time. Mackinac County website.

Both Michigan Police and Mackinac City Police continued to investigate the case.

Makinak City Police said 9 & 10 news The caller said he had set up a bomb under the bridge. The caller said he was in a car at a nearby gas station, even though he couldn’t find the car.

A spokesperson for the city police was not immediately asked for comment.

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Authorities initially did not report the reason for the closure. The 911 Twitter account announced at around 2:30 pm that the bridge was closed for all traffic due to an “emergency”. Citizens were told to avoid the area.

The Mackinac Bridge Authority also approved the closure online, but did not provide details.

On the north side of the bridge, traffic has been reported to have been backed up for several miles. Detroit News. Some people took hold-ups as an opportunity to get gas and flooded local service stations.

Opened in 1957, the 26,372-foot-long Mackinac Bridge, which connects the two peninsulas of Michigan, features the 24th longest road in the world and the longest stop between harbors in the Western Hemisphere.

Police confirmed on 9 & 10 News that the bomb threat on Sunday was similar to that in downtown Detroit, about 270 miles north of Detroit, in January this year.

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