The main witness to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial alleges that Virginia Jufre told her she slept with Prince Andrew, the report said.

Sketches of Prince Andrew and Virginia Jufre (L), Carolyn Andriano (R)

Prince Andrew and Virginia Jufre (L), Carolyn Andriano’s court sketch (R) at the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.Southern Florida District Court (L), Jane Rosenberg / Reuters (R)

  • Epstein’s whistleblower Carolyn Andriano claimed that Virginia Jufre had told her she slept with Prince Andrew in 2001.

  • Jufre has challenged a lawsuit against the British royal family for sexually assaulting her at the age of 17.

  • Andriano is Jufre’s first independent account to previously discuss his encounter with Prince Andrew.

Virginia Jufre told Jeffrey Epstein’s whistleblower that he slept with Prince Andrew when he was a minor, the report said.

Carolyn Andriano, an important witness to the trial of Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell, waived her anonymity and said: Daily mail About her conversation with Jufureh.

Jufureh Sued Prince Andrew Last August, the British royal family accused him of sexually assaulting him at the age of 17. The prince violently denied the charges.

Andriano told the paper in March 2001 that Juffrey sent a text message to her in London saying she would go to dinner with Prince Andrew, Maxwell and Epstein.

In Florida, Andriano claims that Jufre has shown a picture of the now infamous prince and said she had sex with him, the newspaper reports.

“I asked her if she had been to the palace, and she said,’I slept with him,'” Andriano told the paper.

“I said,’What? You’re with me,’ and she said,’No, I slept with him.’ As she was upset about it. I couldn’t see. She thought it was pretty cool. “

Andriano said Jufre seemed excited to meet Prince Andrew because he was famous.

“Virginia couldn’t believe it. Maxwell said she had a surprise. I think the surprise was Prince Andrew. She was excited. When I met that famous person, I too. I would have been excited, “Andriano told the Daily Mail.

Carolyn Andriano told the Daily Mail that Juffrey had hired her for the sexual abuse “mouse lecture” of Epstein and Maxwell. She was involved between the ages of 14 and 17.

She testified at Maxwell’s Sex Trafficking Trial last month, and Maxwell Convicted Out of 5 bills.

Andriano, 35, says, “I want all young women to know what happened when I was a teenager and how it affected my life.” He said he decided to waive his right to anonymity.

Andriano is Jufre’s first independent account to previously discuss his encounter with Prince Andrew.

The 2001 conversation should have taken place 10 years before Juffle published the allegations.

The Daily Mail said it did not pay Andriano for the interview. Prince Andrew refused to comment on the story when he approached the newspaper.

Prince Andrew’s lawyer Fight to dismiss Jufureh’s proceedings In court. The decision on whether he will face a full civil trial is immediately expected.

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