The man grabs a gun from the hand of his dying 24-year-old son and fires after a gun battle with a NYPD off-duty police officer.


New York — When a man was dying on Bronx Street in a shootout with the police, his father took a gun from his son’s hand and used it to continue the shootout with officers, officials said.

According to police, two off-duty police officers found a 24-year-old son shooting a man on Valentine Avenue near 180th Avenue in West Bronx shortly after 4am.

According to police, the father and son were arguing with a group of people in the corner when it became physical and the son pulled out the gun.

“I heard more than 10 shots,” said a resident who didn’t want to be named. “When I came to the window, they were still beating,” bebop, bebop, bebop, bebop, bebop, “and then stopped,” bebop, bebop, bebop. “

Officials, who had finished their work and wore plain clothes, revealed their identities and told the shooters to drop their weapons, but instead the shooters began pointing their weapons and unloading, officials said. No one was hit.

Police officers said the police officers turned the fire back and once fatally beat the shooter in his chest.

After hearing the bullet, police officers in uniforms at the station building in District 46, one block away, flocked to the area.

“Immediately after the shooting, officers began providing assistance to a 24-year-old man,” New York Police Department patrol chief Juanita Holmes said at a news conference.

According to police, the shooter’s 45-year-old father picked up a firearm from his dying son’s hand and began firing at police, but no one was attacked. Police fired, but his father was not beaten.

Surveillance videos show the father walking around the blocks, weaving between cars, and returning to the scene hoping that the police would not recognize him.

The father tried to escape by handing a gun to a nearby woman, but police immediately arrested him.

According to one source, the father has been arrested for about 60 cases of drug possession, assault, and weapons possession. His son has been arrested several times for minor crimes, including worsening unlicensed driving, according to sources.

“I can’t say he’s bad (male), but he got into a lot of trouble,” said his father’s friend. “It sounds like my father is protecting his son …. sadly, it happened.”

EMS rushed his son to St. Barnabas Hospital, but he was not saved.

According to police, both police officers were taken to the Jacobian Medical Center for tinnitus.

The woman, whose dad handed over the gun and ran away, ran away in the same way as the shooter intended.

According to police, the father’s accusation was pending.

“It makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m really surprised. It doesn’t seem safe,” said Joe Messi, 37, who moved to the neighborhood about a week ago. “Maybe if you wake up one day and go buy something at night, that can happen.”