The man hit the woman on the truck and dragged her body eight miles

Fresno, CA (AP) — Police in Central California attacked a woman walking her dog on Friday, dragging her into a hotel parking lot more than eight miles (13 km) away, looking for a pickup truck driver. I did. She was found dead.

Fresno police lieutenant Bill Douri said a 29-year-old woman was pushing her shopping cart and tied her dog to a string when she hit a gray or silver pickup truck at the intersection of Fresno’s Hahndon and Milburn.

The man kept the woman in a truck and continued to drive, stopped at the hotel, parked in the parking lot, got off the pickup truck and went to the lobby, asking for a room, Dooley said.

He left and pulled back to the truck when the man was told there were no seats available and when a guest at another hotel called the police to see the woman’s partial body detached from under the pickup truck. Dooly said.

“This is an absolute tragedy,” he said.

Dooly said the woman was identified and believed to be homeless, but her name is not disclosed at this time due to respect for her and her loved ones.

Surveillance video captured a man arriving at a hotel in his heavily damaged truck, leaving his car, and leaving shortly thereafter. According to Dooly, the surveillance video from the hotel will not be released.

“I watched the video footage because everything was captured in the surveillance footage. I’m not going to release this,” he said. “I get nothing when I release this.”

Police released a heavily damaged Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck and a man’s frame grab in the hotel lobby, and asked anyone who was aware of him to contact Fresno police.

At a press conference, Dooly bent over to the man and asked his family and friends to contact the authorities.

“If the driver of the car is watching today, please contact the police. If your family or friends recognize this photo, please contact the police,” he said.