The man knew that the toddler was in the car when he fired

Chicago (AP) — A 25-year-old Chicago man said on Friday that a Cook County prosecutor said inside another vehicle driver to the boy.

State aide Kevin Devoni said at a hearing April 6 Shooting of Cadence One, 21 months old Apparently, it stems from Diandre Vinion’s anger at not being able to overtake another vehicle on the city’s famous lakeshore drive.

Devoni told Cook County Circuit Judge Mary Katherine Malbio that after Vinion suddenly stopped behind Jushon Brown’s car, Brown leaned out of the window and said, “A child is in the car. I’m there. “

Brown began to run away, but Vinion chased him, pulled him up next to Brown’s car, and hung his gun outside the window, Devoni said. Brown then showed Vinion that he also had a gun, but he immediately lowered the gun and continued driving, Devoni said. He said there was no evidence that Brown had fired his weapon.

The Vinion fired from inside the SUV, climbed and fired again after the two vehicles stopped, before getting out of the car. According to Devoni, Vinion fired four or five bullets from inside the car, and another four or five bullets while standing on the road. One of the bullets shattered the backseat window and struck a toddler sitting in a temple child seat.

Brown saw the toddler shot and he and his other passenger, the grandmother of the boy’s child, tried to compete in the hospital, but after a while it crashed.

Police say the Good Samaritan stopped and took all three to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Doctors placed the seriously injured boy in a medically induced coma. Deboni said the child was no longer receiving intensive care and was moving to a rehab facility.

The judge ordered Binion to be held unsecured. Vinion is facing life imprisonment after being charged with three attempted murders and one firearm battery deterioration.