The man menaced and made anti-Asian remarks to the sting operation

New York (AP) — A man in New York is accused of hate crime after police have told undercover agents assigned to the Hate Climb Task Force that police have made intimidation and anti-Asian American statements. I will.

Jubian Rodriguez, 35, was arrested Friday afternoon on suspicion of confrontation near Penn Station.

A message was sent on Saturday to a lawyer representing Rodriguez in court on Friday. Rodriguez’s home phone number was not found.

According to the news, when a reporter outside the police station asked Rodriguez for comment, he just answered, “Your mom!”

According to police, Rodriguez deliberately engaged with sting operations, telling him to “return to China” before reaching the “graveyard,” and threatening to slap and stab his face.

He is faced with misdemeanor charges, including intimidation and harassment as a hate crime, and exacerbation of harassment related to race, ancestors, or other specific traits, court records show.

Arrest Report nationwide surge Of anti-Asian American hate crimes.NYPD recently announced it was Increased patrols and addition of undercover agents In areas with a large Asian-American population.

“The next target, such as when walking on the sidewalk or on the platform, for speeches, menacing activities, etc., may be the NYPD’s plain clothes, so think twice,” said Dermot. Police Secretary Shea said at the time.