The man told the shooter that 22-month-old Cayden Swan had a child in his car before he was shot in the head at Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive, prosecutors say.

Chicago – A man driving a car in a 22-month-old Cadence One on Lakeshore Drive told him that he had a child in the car before the other drivers started shooting. Said on friday.

According to police and court records, 25-year-old Deandre Binion was charged with attempted murder and battery deterioration earlier this month in connection with multiple gunshots on a car traveling 1000 blocks on South Lake Shore Drive. I am. The binion appeared at noon on Friday, and Judge Mary Malbio ordered him to be put in jail without restraint.

Vinion was driving a lakeshore drive on an SUV that his girlfriend rented from Enterprise Rent-A-Car, said state aide Kevin Devoni. As Vinion approached Roosevelt Road north, he stopped just before the bumper of the Lincoln sedan, which was being driven by Jushon Brown (43). Cayden was sitting in the back child’s seat, and his grandmother, Brown’s girlfriend, was in the passenger seat.

Vinion was trying to avoid Lincoln, but was stopped by the merging lane, Devoni said. Brown leaned out of the driver’s window, told Vinion to back off, and said he had a child in the car.

When Roosevelt turned the lights green, Brown slowed down and moved to the left lane, Devoni said. Vinion moved to Brown’s right lane and drove in parallel with him. Brown saw Vinion holding a pistol in his hand and hanging it towards Lincoln. Brown then picked up his own pistol under the seat and showed it to Vinion before placing it on his lap.

Deboni said Vinion fired four to five shots from inside the SUV as Brown passed the Roosevelt and turned the curve. After that, Vinion stopped the SUV in the middle of the lakeshore drive and went outside to take another 4-5 shots at Lincoln.

Off-duty police officers saw Vinion get off the SUV and fire multiple shots, according to Deboni. The off-duty police officer then saw him return to the SUV and make a sharp left turn towards Barbo Drive.

A bullet arrived through the window and hit Cayden’s head. The prosecutor said Brown lost control of the car and crashed, and Brown left the car with his gun. The Good Samaritan took the three to the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Cayden was then transferred to Lurie Children’s Hospital and was in serious condition this week.