The man tries to save a Nashville police officer from the flood — and is also trapped, rescue teams say

According to local fire departments and media reports, Tennessee police officers shouted for more than an hour when they stuck to a tree in the rising waters of a flood waiting for rescuers.

Another man who reportedly tried to help him was also stuck.

Metro Nashville Police Officer Hendrick Kluger Flushed with flash floods The Nashville Fire Department said in a Facebook post that it returned home from work late Saturday night. Kluger and the second man were finally rescued, and Kluger was taken to the hospital with a leg injury.

“He got out of the car and clung to the tree, shouting for help,” the fire department said. “A nearby resident tried to help, but was washed away by the high waters. He also clung to the tree until they were helped by the boat.”

Soaring floods caused by heavy rains in Nashville Killed at least 6 people, CNN reported. Over 100 people had to be rescued.

According to the Nashville Fire Department, Kruger got into his car on Saturday and was caught in a flood near Milner Drive and Milner Court in South Nashville. He was able to go out and find a tree to hold for assistance.

Joel Cummings living nearby Reportedly, WTVF reportedly saw Kruger coming in. But when Cummings ran out for help, the television station reported that the flood “knocked him down and took him out of the land.”

Neighbors reportedly caught the attention of the water rescue team when they heard their screams. The rescue team could not see the man and said, “I could hardly hear the screams on the rain.”

“At that point we only knew there were two people somewhere in the forest,” Pete Griffin of the Metro Swift Water Rescue Team told WTVF. “They were screaming and stuck in a tree and needed help. They couldn’t hold on any longer and we tried to move as quickly as possible.”

The television station reported that Mr Cummings had been clinging to the tree for almost 90 minutes before the rescue team arrived at the tree.