The man was amputated by hand because U.S. police handcuffed him too tight, his lawyer says.

& Lt; p & gt; Representative Image: A Hispanic man in Birmingham, Alabama sued police for being handcuffed too much and his hands were cut & lt; / p & gt; (Photo by MARVIN RECINOS / AFP via Getty Images) )

Representative image: A Hispanic man in Birmingham, Alabama, sued police for being over-handcuffed and amputated.

(Photo by MARVIN RECINOS / AFP via Getty Images)

26 years old Hispanic Man sued Jefferson County police The federal government reportedly handcuffed him so tightly that he had to amputate one of his hands. Proceedings I made it clear.

I live in Birmingham, Alabama prison In particular, he noticed a pain in his left wrist when he appeared on February 28, saying he “resisted the arrest.” He then underwent four surgeries, and the doctor removed his fingertips and later his entire hand.

In April of this year, Loyola filed a proceeding against a representative of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, who handcuffed in February 2020. The proceedings alleged that the agent used excessive force to violate his civil rights. The proceedings revealed that he had been handcuffed for hours, blocking circulation to his wrist.

Loyola also asked police to loosen his handcuffs, but claimed that the sheriff’s agent had ignored his request.

On February 16, last year, Loyola was watching television on his mother’s trailer in Pinson, Birmingham, when a sheriff’s agent knocked on the door, according to his lawsuit. According to a report filed six days later, one employee identified in the proceedings as Deputy Godbar went to the trailer after receiving a call saying he heard a gunshot. Load a big weapon.

According to the proceedings, Mr. Loyola was not involved in the fighting and did not have a gun. However, his brother may have been discussing outside the trailer.

That day, when the adjutant entered the trailer, he handcuffed Mr. Loyola. “The deputy Godbar reached inside the doorway, grabbed the plaintiff with his wrist, and went down the stairs outside the house, without answering or asking for permission to enter the house,” the proceedings said.

He also said that Loyola was slammed into a car, thrown into the ground and beaten in the face. According to the complaint, Deputy Godbar put his knees on Mr. Loyola’s back and fixed it to the ground, with handcuffs firmly on his wrists. First reported.

Meanwhile, according to a side report, Mr. Loyola was violent. “Giovanni Loyola was drunk and argued with his family and was so noisy in his residence that he could hear it from the public road.”

“Dep Godbar tried to detain Mr. Loyola, but he soon went into battle and pushed him away,” he added. Loyola allegedly wrestled with a ground agent and resisted being handcuffed.

“He suffered some scratches on his face but refused medical care,” he said.

Loyola was arrested for chaotic behavior, disturbing peace and resisting the arrest.

Loyola said: “Deputy Godbar even refused to consider loosening his handcuffs. He continued to handcuff the plaintiffs with similar hardness until he was transferred to Jefferson County Jail that night.”

In prison, Mr. Loyola was denied any treatment. He also served additional time due to his unresolved warrants for traffic violations and failure to appear.

“As soon as I got to jail, they all left me there. I think things might have been better if I had been treated better. I just went to the containment room. It was left behind, “said Loyola. He went to the hospital as soon as he left the prison. He had a serious problem with blood flow to his left hand. After four surgeries, the doctor amputated his entire hand.

Loyola said he had endured a 10-month trial with a total of four surgeries at different hospitals.

Mr. Loyola worked mainly in the construction industry.

William Terrill, vice president of Arizona State University and professor of criminal justice, said:

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