The man was stabbed to death while attending a rally of victims of the knife crime

Wreath's young puncture wound

Reece Young was discovered by a police officer who attended a report that three men were fighting. Metropolitan Police Department

A 23-year-old man was stabbed to death while attending alerts to remember the victims of a knife attack, BBC news report.

According to the mass media, Reese Young was fatally injured in southern London on Tuesday night.

The puncture wound was witnessed by several people, statement From the Metropolitan Police Department.

“They gathered for a small inspector to commemorate another recent fatal puncture wound victim when the quarrel began,” said Inspector Morse Richard Vandenberg.

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Police said they found Young after responding to reports that three men were fighting. He was sentenced to death on the scene, police added.

According to a statement from the Metropolitan Police Department, two other people believed to have been involved in the quarrel left the scene before the Metropolitan Police Department arrived.

Later that night, two men went to a local hospital with a puncture wound. These injuries are believed to have been supported in battle. Both were subsequently arrested on suspicion of murder, according to a statement.

One 33-year-old man is being treated in a hospital for a non-life-threatening injury. The other forced the hospital to leave after assaulting police officers and NHS staff. He was detained late Wednesday night, police added.

Metropolitan Police Department begins investigating the murder, witnesses Provide video or image to authorities It can help them.

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