The man who killed Nipsey Hussle was razor-slashed by prisoners on his way to court

Defendant Eric Holder is listening to the opening statement of the murder trial in Los Angeles.

Defendant Eric Holder listens to the opening statement while being tried for the murder of Nipsey Hussle in Los Angeles. (Frederick M. Brown / Associated Press)

The man, who admitted to killing rapper Nipsey Hussle in 2019, said he was attacked by two Los Angeles County prison prisoners on his way to court this week, slashed with a razor, and temporarily delayed the trial. His lawyer said.

According to lawyer Aaron Janssen, Eric Holder Jr., 33, lost consciousness and was behind his head after jumping into a cell while waiting to be taken to court on Tuesday morning. I needed three staples to close my wounds.

When the jury arrived in court on Tuesday, Judge H. Clay Jacke of the Los Angeles County Superior Court said the proceedings were suspended due to an “unexpected medical” case involving Holders.

Holder returned to court on Wednesday, but a staple was visible behind his head, and his face was covered for the first time in court.

Late Wednesday morning, Janssen told reporters in a court hallway that his client was attacked while in a cell with about 13 other prisoners. Holder bowed his head and rested his eyes when he was beaten from behind, Janssen said, adding that the man beat him and cut him with a razor.

Holder was taken to the hospital and suffered bruise and abrasions on his face in addition to lacerations, Janssen said.

According to Janssen, the two perpetrators said nothing to Holder, and the motive for the attack was not immediately apparent. Despite the incident, Janssen said his client was “ok” to continue the trial.

Both the prosecution and the defense rested their case on Wednesday, and the case is expected to be in the hands of the jury by the end of Thursday.

Hustle was talking to fans when he talked to Holder on March 31, 2019, signing at the parking lot of the Clenshaw Strip Mall, which housed his marathon clothing store.

Both men are members of Clips’ Rollin 60s set, which has long dominated the neighborhood. Hustle told Holder that he had been rumored to have cooperated in a police investigation, according to testimony issued at the trial.

After a while, the holder returned with two pistols and fired. Hustle was shot 11 times and died shortly thereafter. Two other men were also injured.Holder was arrested two days later A woman who acted as an unconscious escape driver I left myself to the police.

Janssen Recognized holder committed murder In an opening statement two weeks ago, he argued that the client should be convicted of manslaughter rather than murder.

Hustle’s comment on sniping the holder on the left was so “angry and triggered” that he couldn’t stop considering his actions before firing, Janssen claimed. The lawyer also said Holder had no intention of harming the two men who were injured in the shooting but survived, Kelly Reisan or Shelmi Villanueva.

If convicted of attempted murder and attempted murder, Holder will face a de facto life imprisonment.

There is no district attorney’s office or sub-district. Atty. John McKinney, who is prosecuting the case, commented on the attack on the holder. There was no mention of prison strikes in front of the jury, and McKinney scolded Janssen for discussing the attack with a courthouse reporter on Wednesday.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, which operates county prisons and is responsible for the safety of detained owners, has repeatedly refused to provide information about attacks. A sheriff spokesman told Times reporters on Tuesday to submit a request for public records seeking information on the assault.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..

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