The mask is over. We are ridiculous about them from the beginning.

Who knew that putting a little plastic or cloth on your nose or mouth would turn people into complete idiots? mask COVID-19 has been confusing us since the first day of the pandemic.

Like many ideas and trends in COVID, Dr. Anthony Fauci was the leader. When the new coronavirus first began to spread in the United States, he argued that the general public should not wear masks.

“A typical mask,” he wrote.Not very effective in preventing viruses.. “

But that wasn’t what he really thought.Instead he Hurry from the masses When you buy a mask, you remove it from the medical professional who was treating the COVID patient.

The ridiculous part is that even masks don’t have important resources for public health, more than the credibility of leaders who have to ask people to do unpopular or offensive things during a crisis. Before COVID-19 officially became a pandemic, Fauci lost enough of his trust.

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Later, Americans were urged to wear cloth masks to store special medical grade masks for medical professionals and COVID patients. And the dispute over the obligations of masks quickly spread nationwide.

Now experts say they don’t care. For example, Dr. Lenawen, a professor of health policy at the George Washington University School of Public Health and a physician in the emergency room, said: Face decoration.. “

The Biden administration plans to distribute 400 million N-95 masks to Americans.

The Biden administration plans to distribute 400 million N-95 masks to Americans.

Well, I always feel like it’s ridiculous to wear facial decorations and let the kids do the same.

We are now being told to wear a more effective medical grade N95 mask.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says they are the gold standard, which sounds like big news, but the Biden administration Distribute 400 million N95 To Americans. That’s more than half of our federal stockpile.

“These are very important tools to stop the epidemic of the particularly contagious variants of Omicron,” said President Joe. Biden said..

The discussion of great masks is dragged in

Finally, we all have the right masks, right?

Not so fast. You would have to be an idiot to think this is the end of a great mask debate.

Each person will be able to pick up Three masks at pharmacies and other distribution sites.. but, 332 million peopleOnly about 40% of the population can get masks from federal stockpiles before they run short.

Still, Biden’s plans to distribute masks are less than they look. N95s can be worn Up to 5 times Whether they are used correctly (far from warranty). The Americans who received the mask found that the mask was removed again shortly after the “really important tool” arrived.

And COVID-19 is still with us.

Anyone who sighs of relief when Biden announces his N95 mask project must feel like a fool. I know that.

In my hometown of Virginia, our new governor, Republican Glenn Youngkin, says parents should be able to choose whether their children wear masks at school.

Yongkin signed a presidential directive Ending mask man date At a state public school. School districts in northern Virginia and Richmond rebelled against their duty of rebellion, and parents in Loudoun County protested against clinging to their masks.

Yongkin’s plan doesn’t work

After all, Mask Madness doesn’t know who’s right, but he knows one thing about Yongkin’s plans that he’s a pure idiot.

His idea is parents Whether children wear masks determines how they actually work at school. I know my kids, and when some of their classmates take off their masks, I hardly believe my first grade son will continue his “face decoration” for a long time ..

And his overloaded and heroic teacher knows he’s not in a position to monitor the wishes of the parents of 30 students all day long because she’s trying to do what she needs to do.

I had it in a mask. I feel like an idiot, and I’m not going to play anymore.

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