The Mayor of Washington, wearing a blasphemous shirt at Costco, responds to criticism: “I didn’t know.”

The mayor of a small town in Washington has received a lot of feedback from the community after his photo in a controversial T-shirt was distributed online.

Sequim Mayor William Amakos, wearing a black T-shirt with a skull and two guns, said, “This is America-we eat meat-we drink beer-we drink guns. Own – We Speak English – We Love Freedom – If you don’t like it, put out —-. “

The photo depicts a protest

The photo taken at Costco on May 2 is May 3rd Facebook post From Raleigh Hansenkar.

“Does this philosophy represent you? Is this the way we want to portray our beloved city? Voting is important!” The post reads.

Since then, photos have been uploaded and shared on Facebook dozens of times and have been criticized by online users and members of the community. City council meeting Monday.

“The message on your T-shirt is Exclusive, racist, and threatening, ”I’m reading a Facebook post. “Your words do not represent our community. They do not represent perspectives. Racism and greed are actions, not philosophies.”

“Your actions and words as shown on the infamous T-shirt are up to you and indicate that anyone who disagrees with your personal politics and Republican politics should leave the sequim. Masu-Leave America, “said one speaker during public commenting on the city council. “You have no honor. Please resign before doing any further damage to our town.”

After listening to all the speakers, Armacost addressed the rally, stating that he was unintentionally wearing a shirt in the store. Meeting record.

Correspondence of the mayor

“I didn’t know, and I wasn’t even aware of the fact that the T-shirt I wore that morning before attending an anonymous meeting of alcoholism was what I actually wore,” Armacost said. Said.

He explained that he wore a shirt at the AA conference because he wanted to use the skull as a way to symbolize that “we are all made equal” to help the members of the group become addicted. Did. He said the back of the shirt was covered with a sweatshirt before Armacost entered Costco.

“If I had been thinking about anything other than running for Costco for 10 minutes, I would have turned my shirt inside out,” Almacost said. “I apologize to those who are offended.”

“We also regret living in our society in an era where paparazzi are looking for every opportunity they can take to have a” pitfall “moment. So, unfortunately, if I had to start over, I wouldn’t have worn a shirt, of course. “

Armacost did not respond to a request for comment from McClatchy News.

so May 8 Interview, He told the Swim Gazette: According to the newspaper, I will support my constitutional rights. “