The media is spinning Canada’s Freedom Convoy as a hotbed of “radicalism” — what’s really going on?

“Tracker protests may justify military intervention,” a recent headline reads. Words such as “far right,” “radicals,” and “symbols of the Nazis” interrupted many of the reports on this protest that began with Canadian truck drivers who opposed the new vaccine obligations imposed by the government. But do these labels really reflect the nature of what’s happening outside the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has issued a statement from a private location condemning the protest. More or less, these “fringe” people said they had to accept that vaccination was only part of regaining freedom. But, as he suggests, is this really just a “fringe minority”?

Canada’s Freedom Convoy has caught the eye of the world in Ottawa. But your thoughts on what’s happening there can change dramatically depending on where you’re getting your news.

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