The Minister of Education emphasizes the attitude towards gender and sexuality in Christian schools

The Queensland (QLD) Minister of Education has urged Christian schools to revoke new admission contracts that take a traditional stance on gender and sexuality in two investigations into student behavioral agreements.

Citypoint Christian College renewed its belief on Friday that schools will enroll students for sexual immoralities such as homosexuality, bisexuality, bestiality, incest, and childhood sexuality “on the basis of gender corresponding to biological gender.” Announced a contract based on. It is “sinful”.

College principals previously did not intend schools to “judgment students based on gender or gender identity,” but rather maintain their religious spirit and give parents and students “informed choices.” He said he intended to give him the opportunity to do. Accept that Christian education.

But on Tuesday, QLD Minister of Education Grace Grace Written on her Facebook January 31st, “The” values ​​”described in this document do not seem to me to be very Christian. “

She reiterated her position on Tuesday, saying that the religious statement of the contract as a parent of a non-dual child felt “unacceptable” and “extremely painful.”

“In this era, it’s really incredible to see this happening,” she said.

“We aim for a comprehensive and collaborative school environment. That’s what we do. Students are members of the LGBTIQ + community and should not be denied world-class education. “

Citipoint Christian College also revealed that Grace had personally “raised an issue” with the Attorney General regarding anti-discrimination law, which could lead to a review of contracts from the government’s non-state accreditation committee and human rights committee. Facing

In response to complaints about the Citypoint College Agreement, the Commission on Human Rights said: “Queensland’s anti-discrimination law does not allow religious schools to discriminate against students currently enrolled for 20 years on the grounds of gender or gender identity.”

“School policies that require transgender and gender-diversified youth to be treated as gender assigned at birth, or to conceal or deny sexual orientation to young people, lead to illegal discrimination. There is a possibility.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the chairman of the High School of the British Church said, “We invite and welcome all students and give hospitality to all students, regardless of race, gender, gender, idealism, ability / disability, or religion. I will provide it. “

“Over the long history, the Anglican Church has come to appreciate diversity as a positive good, and our school knows the gift that diversity brings to every community,” said Jeremy of the Anglican Commission. Bishop Greaves writes.

However, conservatives, including parents, praised the university’s decision as a Christian group’s Family Voice Australia. Encouraged people Sign a letter of support to the school to “support Christian values”.

“They are Christian schools. They have the right to uphold the principles taught by the Bible, which is the foundation of the Christian faith,” one wrote on Facebook. “If you disagree with their beliefs, send your child to another school. By the way, other beliefs also believe that the list mentioned in this article is a sin.”

Brian Marheran, Principal and Pastor of City Point College on Wednesday Denied accusation The school discriminates against LGBT + students, emphasizing that it is a matter of religious freedom.

“I’m the principal of a university, but I’ve never dropped out or refused to enroll a student because I’m gay or transgender,” he said.

“As a university founded for religious purposes, we have the freedom to maintain the spirit of Christianity and provide education to our families based on our common beliefs.

“It is often misunderstood, but it is an established international principle that the legal exercise of religious freedom is not discrimination. It is a characteristic of an open society.”

The Epoch Times sought comment from the Grace Grace Minister of Education’s office, but did not respond at the time of publication.

Nina Nguyen


Nina Nguyen is a Sydney-based Vietnamese reporter with a focus on Australian news. Contact her at [email protected]