The model wore only body tape for this swimsuit show at Miami Beach.See their behavior


He is back in it.

The King of Tape I confirmed his Miami Swim Week show again. Art Hearts FashionIt was something that stuck to you long after you got home.

Did you intend to pun? of course.

Local designer Joel Alvarez was talking about the celebration of all of last year’s annual skimpy stuff, and he certainly didn’t disappoint Saturday night.

Former fashion photographer Art Hearts Fashion Show at the Faena Forum in Miami Beach and send the model to the runway in a “swimsuit” made entirely of tape.

Yes, you read that right.

Before writing a letter written in strong language to the editor, please be aware that the production of this work did not harm the model.

Alvarez uses a special type of adhesive specially made for the skin that does not leave a residue or cause pain when removed. However, this process requires patience.

Chanel Rivera, one of the catwalkers on Saturday night, explained what happened to her Instagram followers.

It took me 12 hours to walk for only 30 seconds to put on her black sticky clothes, but I had no regrets.

“It’s an honor to wear your art,” Rivera wrote with a video of the action.

Fellow participant Stephanie Dana shared why it happened Her dream of strutting in her birthday suit There are some stylish appliqu├ęs.

Georgia-born influencers write that they didn’t expect it to happen at first. With enough confidence to expose everything, However, after dealing with the tough times of her life, she decided to slip into Alvarez’s DM last year on an audition reel. He finally chewed.

Shaking the tape changed her life and opened the door to other jobs around the world, Dana said in a post.

“Thanks to my DM and tenacity, my life and career will be very different in just one year. You have to chase your dreams with everything you have.”