The morning after England tightens themselves for the Euro final

Great cleanup activity began in earnest after England striker Harry Kane’s overtime winner sent the men’s soccer team to the first major tournament final in more than half a century.

The street team was cleaning up after the celebration went too far, before many delighted fans woke up from sleep on Thursday.

Some streets across the country were littered with empty disposable plastic pint glasses, food cartons, laughing gas canisters, and other debris.

Elsewhere, there were signs of damage to the street furniture.

In central London, cleaning staff were seen cleaning up Leicester Square at dawn. Leicester Square attracted a lot of fans on Wednesday night when England defeated Denmark 2-1 and afterwards.

Epoch Times Photo
Fans of Trafalgar Square celebrate the England qualifiers for the Euro 2020 final in London on July 7, 2021. (Kirsty O’Connor / PA)

A woman cleaning the area told PA news agency Thursday morning:

“People damaged the irrigation system and some climbed the fountain.

“We don’t know how much damage has happened, so an investigation may be started.

“People can enjoy, but they don’t have to be fooled.”

The Metropolitan Police Department said 23 people had been arrested by police officers across London after criminal matches such as general assault, public order and morals, and assault on police.

The capital also saw fans climb on the London Bus as they celebrated the victory.

Epoch Times Photo
A man sits on a bus while British fans celebrate on July 7, 2021 at Piccadilly Circus in central London. (Kirsty O’Connor / PA)

It is estimated that more than 20 million people watched the game on TV, and an estimated 10 million pints were ordered during the day.

Soccer fan songbook favorites such as Sweet Caroline and Three Lions echoed around England after the match.

Players and staff also sang with many of the 60,000 fans of delight in Wembley. There, English supporters outnumbered Danish supporters by about 6: 1.

Fans emitted red smoke and continued to sing full-time in a crowd from the stadium.

Epoch Times Photo
Fans fired flares when celebrating at Piccadilly Circus in central London on July 7, 2021. (Kirsty O’Connor / PA)

Adi Hassan, 21, described the victory as “absolutely incredible, absolutely world class.”

English fans Scarlet Devrew and Lucy Millard, both 18 years old, were overjoyed when they left Wembley.

Devereux said: “It was a great game. The atmosphere was absolutely great.”

Millard added: “It’s been a few years since I’ve been in the semi-finals, so it’s really great. I’m coming home.”

After watching the BOX PARK match at Croydon, John Engal, 65, a boy student in England’s only big win, the 1966 World Cup final, said he felt “absolutely wonderful.” ..

“I remember ’66, but now I’m much more ecstatic than when I was ten,” he said.

“It was a great game. It could have gone in either direction, but well, it seems to have gone our way.”

Epoch Times Photo
Fans are celebrating England’s qualifying for the Euro 2020 final in Manchester on July 7, 2021. (Martin Rickett / PA)

Fans of Trafalgar Square waved the flag of England and gathered in large numbers after the last whistle.

One supporter, Oliver Ways, 28, said:

“I’m very drunk, but I don’t care. The game was exactly what we wanted.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but England is in the finals.”

English men finally reached the major football finals in 1966, but women lost finalists in the 1984 and 2009 euros.

The final match against Italy will take place on Sunday at 8 pm.

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