The most important part of the election report, where the Liberal Caucus holds its first full meeting since voting

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasury Minister Chrystia Freeland will leave the Cabinet in Ottawa on October 27, 2021, the day after the Federal Minister’s oath. Liberal Caucus gathers today for reports of the federal election campaign. (Canadian Press / Justin Tan)

Ottawa — Today, when members of the Liberal Caucus meet, the federal election campaign report is expected to be at the top of the agenda.

This will be the first full meeting of the caucuses since the Liberal Party ran for the minority government from the September 20 elections.

Results that largely reflected the pre-election composition of the House of Commons followed a poll earlier in the year that suggested that the majority of Liberal governments were within reach.

In addition to some administrative work, Liberal lawmakers may discuss what to expect in the upcoming parliamentary session.

Major liberal campaign promises include new measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, implementation of banned firearm repurchase programs, plans to increase home ownership, and steps to end the fight against COVID-19. Was included.

The house will sit back on November 22nd for four weeks before taking a holiday break.

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