The mother identified the corpse as her son, a Las Vegas police officer said.He was found living with his father

When Las Vegas police found the boy’s body on Friday morning and stated that he was the victim of the murder, his mother called and said it was her eight-year-old son.

Is Mom told the police According to Las Vegas police, her son was last seen leaving home with his 11-year-old half-brother Eden Montes and his father Jose Montes Herrera on Saturday morning, May 27. Said the other family, after seeing the victim’s sketch published by the police, that it was her son.

After all, it was a case of misunderstanding.

According to officials, the boy and Montes Herrera were found alive and safe in Utah, where they were camping without mobile phone service.

“We got confirmation that the eight-year-old was actually alive. What happened was a misconception that began in the middle of the night, failing to identify the child found in Mountain Springs.” Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lieutenant Ray Spencer He spoke at a press conference on Saturday.

“I would like to inform all my family and friends that my children are safe and healthy.” Montes Herrera Said in a Facebook post on Monday. “We’re back in Vegas. I’m (accused) for hurting my son, and I’m thrilled to know that I’m (accused) … I’ve been out in camp for 12 hours I wasn’t serviced. When I did my best for my son, I was shocked that people thought I would hurt my son. “

Montes Herrera He told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he needed to “clarify my name.”

“I want to apologize directly,” said Montes Herrera. “I haven’t made a proper apology. First from the detective. From the metro (police), from the coroner’s office. Phone. Letter. Whatever I can show my children, this is the apology I received. . “

Las Vegas police said they had found the body of a boy aged 8 to 12 in Mountain Springs near State Highway 160 on Friday morning. The boy was found lying on a path and was confirmed dead on the spot. Police have released a digitally processed photo of the boy to identify him.

A digitally processed photo of a boy found by Las Vegas police on Friday.

A digitally processed photo of a boy found by Las Vegas police on Friday.

Spencer said they have Received a hint for a missing child The Las Vegas Review-Journal is from California, Nebraska, Montana, Maryland, Iowa, and Arizona, all of which have been excluded.

“We are open to anything,” Spencer said on Tuesday. “But at this point, we’re trying to focus our research on children who live or live in Clark or Nye County.”

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