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Republican lawyers are key players in the US voter oppression drive

Cleta Mitchell appeared in a series of roles that many see as promoting Republicans to limit voting rights at Capitol Hill in Washington on February 6, 2014. Photo: Pablo MartĂ­nez Monsiváis / AP Influential conservative election lawyer Cleta Mitchell’s statutory giant Foley & Ladner’s partner. A few days after Mitchell joined the controversial phone call with Georgia’s Secretary of State on January 2, the then president “finds” more votes on him to overturn Joe Biden’s victory. I put pressure on it. Criticism. But Mitchell, the best combative lawyer with the right to promote significant unproven accusations of fraudulent voting in 2020 and strengthen future voting legislation, hasn’t been lazy for a long time. .. She currently plays a series of roles, putting her at the center of what many see as a fierce driving force for the Republican Party to limit voting rights across the United States. Last month, Mitchell was used by libertarian FreedomWorks to lead a $ 10 million drive in seven major states, including Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan, and changed voting methods to prove potential. Suppressed no fraudulent elections. Voting. Another important part of Mitchell’s mission to lead the National Election Protection Initiative is to expand the voting rights that sponsors deem necessary to counter conservative attacks, according to a FreedomWorks spokesman. , To oppose the bill passed by the House of Representatives. About voting rights in many states. Last month, Georgia enacted absentee ballots and new restrictions on Democratic urban and suburban voters, causing lawsuits from civil rights and liberal groups, and even more violent attacks from Biden. It was. Adam Brandon, president of FreedomWorks, praises Mitchell as “a candid supporter and voice of reason to improve election law, especially during the chaotic 2020 election cycle,” and chairs the election initiative. I named it “Guide”. Train and deploy activists in the state to monitor election procedures. Similarly, the Trump Alliance’s Conservative Partnership Institute hired Mitchell as a “senior fellow” with a similar mission last month. Mitchell told AP that he is working to “coordinate” conservative views on voting to strengthen opposition to the voting rights bill passed by the Senate in the House of Representatives. Mitchell’s Freedom Works and CPI project Trump by Georgia DA in Fulton County pressing Georgia Secretary of State Brad Lafenceparger to find enough votes to prevent Bidden’s victory It also comes when you are investigating whether or other people have violated the law. On the phone, Mitchell claimed evidence of fraudulent voting, but officials at Lafence Purger’s office disagreed with her data and made a mistake. Some voting lawyers say Mitchell may face scrutiny of her role on the phone. Donald Trump is listening to Cleta Mitchell speaking at the White House on August 18, 2020.Photo: Anna Moneymaker / EPA Jerry Hebert, who spent more than 20 years as a senior lawyer in the Voting Rights section of the Department of Justice, described Trump’s actions and words in an interview composed of “election interference. [and] He violates both state and federal law and should be held liable. “Mitchell reportedly intervened many times during calls to support Trump’s allegations of fraud.” “Her role in the call may be part of the investigation,” by Georgia DA. Hebert added that the state bar association to which Mitchell belongs “is responsible for determining whether she violated the state’s legal and ethical rules.” Mitchell, who was contacted by phone, refused to comment on her work in two conservative outfits, or Georgia’s investigation into Trump’s call and whether she could face scrutiny. .. Historically, 70-year-old Mitchell has done legal work for many of the major players on the right, including the National Rifle Association, where she previously served on the board. Former Democrat and Oklahoma Parliamentarian, Mitchell changed parties in the 1990s and moved to Washington, DC. There she has been a lawyer for many Republican candidates, campaign committees, and nonprofits. Mitchell’s new role at FreedomWorks and the CPI underscores the goal of the right to influence future election outcomes with more voting restrictions. Conservative electric shocks to strengthen voting law, which is also a major player in US heritage action, are numbered, coupled with claims that Trump, Mitchell, and conservative allies have spread about widespread unproven fraudulent voting It is supported by 10 million dollars. Last election. In a post-election radio interview, Mitchell attacked Lafence Purger as a “morbid liar” and “morally bankrupt” some Republican leaders in Georgia, according to Watchdog Group documentation. Escalated her rhetoric accusations of doing. In another radio segment, Mitchell said last September that Trump and his chief of staff Mark Meadows had “a major effort to steal elections.” Recently, Mitchell told AP that she and Trump were in contact “quite often”, but did not provide details. Meanwhile, other right-wing groups with which Mitchell has had good relationships are working on campaigns that appear to overlap with Freedom Works and CPI campaigns to limit voting rights. For example, Mitchell told AP: “I’ve been working with the Legislature for several years to draw attention to what I call the political process.” Indeed, pre-election Mitchell served as an outside adviser and a state model bill. Helped coordinate key voting initiatives of the US Legislative Exchange Council (Alec), an influential group of conservative state legislatures who promote. Alec is reportedly becoming more and more active this year in promoting ideas for changing voting laws. Well-known for his conservative big-money circle, Mitchell is also a board member of the Deep Pocket Lind & Harry Bradley Foundation, a top donor to many right-wing groups, including Alec, who donated $ 750,000 in 2020. I am serving. In addition, Mitchell attended a meeting of the prestigious Council for National Policy, an influential right-wing group of prominent conservatives such as top donors, evangelical leaders, and Brandon of Freedom Works. At the CNP National Conference in mid-November, there was one panel where Mitchell, Christian Adams, Chairman of the Public Interest Legal Foundation (Pilf), and other lawyers discussed “Election Results and Court Struggles: What Now?” .. Pilf, who also chaired Pilf, who received $ 300,000 from the Bradley Foundation in 2020, has shown that he may be able to actively participate in the legal battle over the new law in Georgia. Indeed, some conservatives question Mitchell’s legal insights. A former NRA official who knows Mitchell has equipped her view is about “fringe fringes.” And one prominent Republican voting lawyer said Mitchell “tell clients what they want to hear, regardless of law or reality.” Attorneys predicted in a DA investigation in Georgia that Mitchell would be “scrutinized, but probably not charged.”

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