The mother removed her Tik Tok dancing in front of a newborn baby in the hospital after being threatened with murder

Mom who became viral with TikTok Dancing next to her newborn When he was oxygenated at the hospital, she said she posted a video just to share her son’s health.

“I don’t think the mistake I made gave enough context for the situation,” Whitney Levitt, two 28-year-old mothers, told BuzzFeed News.

Caption explained that her son Liam was diagnosed RSVGeneral respiratory conditions, where some babies need to receive oxygen via nasal cannula.

In the video, Levitt dances next to his son and beats every beat while Kendrick Lamar’s “Love” is played.

People online were confused and angry, implying that Leavitt was careless about dancing next to his child in the hospital.Tabloid including Online email When Sun, also picked up story. The video reposted on Twitter has been viewed 4.7 million times.

“That was really terrible. People were telling me to end my life. They wanted my family to die,” he deleted the video following a message of hatred. Leavitt said.

She learned about the backlash on the second day at the hospital.

“I felt like I was completely out of control to clarify all the contexts of why I made the video and why I made the video, and people took it completely out of context. I feel like that, “Leavitt said.

She added that the reason she made the video was because people were asking about his condition while Liam was in the hospital, and all her videos included dance.

“Dancing and subtitling to answer comments is consistent with the content I’ve always created,” she said.

Leavitt’s husband called her about the video going viral and said it was everywhere. “He was like’I think we need to take it down’, and I didn’t look it up until that point, it went everywhere,” she said. ..

Like many, Leavitt said he was bored from quarantine and joined TikTok and started his account as a fun thing.

First, she started posting relevant mom content and memes. Then, when she became pregnant with her second child, Leavitt decided to start dancing again.

“I’m having so much fun that I don’t know why I didn’t do this from the beginning,” she said.

Leavitt danced for years in a competitive studio and stopped when he became pregnant with his first child.

She said the second pregnancy was great and very different from the first. “I think dance helped — I grew my spirit,” she added.

Meanwhile, Liam is doing well now and doesn’t need oxygen support.

“He’s great. He’s healthy. He’s sleeping badly. But other than that, he’s doing great things,” Levitt said.

according to Daily dotThe Leavitt video was played 1.6 million times before it was deleted. Since then, the video has actually started a meme where people dance to the same song in a hypothetical situation.

For example, someone Dance with captions about court dates, Or another one someone dances while the caption says They were kicked out They didn’t know they were supposed to pay their rent every month.

Leavitt was unaware that she had started a mini-trend, but she said she started thinking more about her content since the video hit the tabloids.

“I definitely learned, so I don’t want people to think I’m not learning,” she said.