The murdered Chicago police partner moved to rehab after being paralyzed

Carlos Janes Jr., a Chicago police officer who lost his eyes and was left paralyzed by the same shooting Killing Ella French officer, Moved to CBS Chicago, a rehab facility Report.. The milestone points to CPD Supt, which is “a major step in his recovery process.” David Brown announced on Monday afternoon.

“He still has a long way to go, but I am grateful for his progress. Keep him, his family, and the French family in your thoughts and prayers, and Ella and Carlos’ partners. As well as all CPD officers in your prayers, “Brown said.

Yane’s is partially paralyzed and blind. He was shot three times on August 7 during a traffic outage at 63 West Englewood and Bell. The French, one of his two partners, was killed in the same shooting.

Yane's sister and sister-in-law have opened the GoFundMe page.  / Credit: GoFundMe

Yane’s sister and sister-in-law have opened the GoFundMe page. / Credit: GoFundMe

“A simple traffic stop has turned into a tragedy,” said Carlos Yanez Sr., a former Chicago police officer who was the father of an injured police officer. Said last week At a rally to a French officer Who was put to rest On thursday.

Officer Yanez lost his right eye.

“They worked three times. They still can’t fire bullets. But he’s still fighting. He’s still trying to live for his son, a three-year-old son, Charles III.” Yanez Sr. Said.

With his recovery in mind, Yane’s sister and sister-in-law GoFundMe page.. They talk about the need for his extensive treatment as he seeks to overcome the paralysis affecting three of his limbs.

They also mention Yane’s son. A 3-year-old child needs continuous treatment after having tolerated multiple cranial surgeries due to his birth condition.

Former Chicago police officer Yanez Sr. Said he spoke to his son a few minutes before he was shot dead.

“He said,’I love your dad.'” Okay, I love my son, “said Yanez Sr. “Then, 20 minutes later, I will receive the call.”

In tears, the Yanez family had a moment of joy. In a post with his brother’s latest information, his sister Nicole wrote that he saw his brother make a small move with his right foot. “We cried, cried, and thanked God.”

The retired officer praised all those who took care of his son, and those who took him to the hospital, especially the efforts of the third officer, Josh Brass, on the scene that night.

“Josh-Third Officer-Brass, I think he saved his son in his son’s way and took Ella to the hospital and Junior to the hospital as soon as possible,” said Yanez Sr. “Thank you, my brothers and sisters. Stay safe. Godspeed.”

Yanez’s family often said they wanted to live in Inglewood and said they wanted the community to be free of gun violence.

In just over a week set by GoFundMe officer Yanez’s family, he exceeded his goal of $ 250,000 and raised over $ 307,000 as of Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, two brothers, Emonte and Erick Morgan, Indicted for shooting It killed the French, injured Janez Jr. and was detained without bail.

Emonte Morgan, also known as Monte Morgan, has been charged with 1 count of one murder of a police officer, two counts of one attempted murder of a police officer, one count of illegal use of weapons, and one count of illegal use. increase. Use of weapons by serious offenders.

His brother, Eric Morgan, has been charged with exacerbating the illegal use of weapons, the illegal use of weapons for felony, and obstruction of justice.

Emonte Morgan was shot himself after shooting the French and Janes Jr. when their partner, Officer Joshua Brass, fired at him as he was trying to escape.

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