The National Archives receive a record of playing cards that have been dismembered and taped: Report

Some of the Trump White House documents that were reportedly handed over to the House Select Commission on January 6 by the National Archives and Records Administration were torn and taped together.

Three sources familiar with records Talked to The Washington Post about the state of administrative documentsThe National Archives of Japan confirmed in the newspaper.

The National Archives said in a statement to the post that the document submitted by the Trump White House “contained a paper record torn by former President Trump.”

“The White House records management authorities during the Trump administration recovered some of the torn records and recorded them together,” the authorities said. “These were handed over to the National Archives at the end of the Trump administration, along with many torn records that were not reconstructed by the White House. The Presidential Records Act requires that all records created by the president be handed over. To the National Archives at the end of their administration. “

Hill contacted the National Archives of Japan and the January 6 Selection Committee for further comment on the document.

Former President Trump The Commission was sued to stop being given certain documentsHis lawyer argued that it was illegal and Trump wanted to retain privileges on certain documents.

However, earlier this month, the archive submitted more than 700 documents that Trump was trying to block.

“On the night of January 20, the National Archives and Records Administration provided the selection committee with all the records in question in the proceedings,” the agency said at the time.