The Navy confirms the authenticity of photos and videos showing the crashed F-35

The Navy confirmed on Friday that both photos and videos of the F-35 fighter crashed in the South China Sea this week, shared on social media, are legal.

According to the Navy, the image was taken by someone on the USS Carl Vinson. In addition to investigating the cause of the crash, the Navy is investigating photo and video leaks.

“The videos and photos featured in the media today were evaluated to have been taken at USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) at the time of the crash,” the Navy said in a statement. “Investigation of the case is ongoing.”

A photo of the US Navy F-35C in the South China Sea on social media.

A photo of the US Navy F-35C in the South China Sea on social media.

The 17 seconds video Shared on Twitter shows that the F-35 is approaching the aircraft carrier, but does not indicate an attempt to land the flight. The video also includes the sound of the engine, showing smoke smoke. The photo is an aircraft floating in the South China Sea.

The Navy released a statement on Monday that the F-35 had landed on the deck while USS Carl Vinson was conducting regular flight operations in the South China Sea.

The pilot successfully jumped out of the aircraft and was recovered by a US military helicopter. A total of seven seafarers were injured. According to a Navy statement, three needed MEDEVAC at a medical facility in the Philippines and four were treated by medical personnel on board.

The Navy plans to carry out an operation to retrieve the aircraft, according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

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